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belle_joyeux @JohnChme most political movements: liberal and conservative. I don't think modern Scot Irish will stick with Trump when they discover he's playing them for fools. Mitch is one of them but Trump ain't and conservatism can survive after Trump. Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth. -Marcus Aurelius
Jarlath_vegas las vegas,nv So I got my results back from #23andme. No surprises at all 91% full Irish, the rest mixture of French and Scandinavian ( you know the Normans and The vikings) all Irish will have those two in there. Have more Neanderthal than 81% of folks. My people didn’t move a lot lol Irish, sarcastic soccer fan,fighting depression, inappropriate at wrong times! Gem cutter and jewelry on the side; love old B&W crime movies ..
mdunford1 Abbots Langley @lionsofficial Obviously the Welsh will say Jenks or Barry John, the Irish will say Sexton, the Scottish will say Hastings and the English will say Wilkinson. But that is the beauty of The Lions. Lover of triathlon. 70.3 & Olympic done, full to come in 2020. Former rugby player who got too old and swapped boots for a bike. Proud to be a Libtard remoaner.
EOTierney Warrenpoint / Islington @GaRoDean I suspect that the Ukrainian-Irish will embrace the Irish language with fewer preconceptions and less resistance than this sort of Dub. Left wing, disabled, bipolar and Irish 🇮🇪 cyclist. @TrinityHallCamb @Arsenal @UKLabour TheArchers. He/him/his
yoe33 Ireland gets huge EU budget bill. The Irish will be PAYING €16 BILLION to the EU making the Irish the 2nd largest net contributors to the EU per capita up from 10th place. Meanwhile Spain and Italy are GETTING €130 billion #irexit
TheMerseyEminem Bray City, Ireland @L4fckop He will. The Irish will all knacker ourselves out and the Reds will prevail. You might know me as Joe the Policeman from the "What's Going Down" episode of "That's My Momma". LFC, Força Barça, The Wanderers from Bray
SUPCELO70380883 @redrichie Maybe we'll become unskilled labour for our Indian oppressors or the Irish will come over and proscribe Rangers as a terrorist organization. Endless payback possibilities. Gangster Class Culture Vessel (eccentric)
jcm247 West Sussex @thesavvyfox @beajayemac So the independent Scottish and Irish will be OK! 🤣🤣🤣 Into politics, environment, wildlife, psychology, early learning, coffee, archaeology, evolution, family + other pets, soaps, sarcasm. Anti-Tory, Anti-Brexit
Julian57110360 you take our land of beauty of freedom and you command. it's then the Irish will rise up and fight you understand.our past and gone are echoing the tyranny and the sale of what belongs to the Irish on dear old emerald more impostors invasion, greed.stand United lead✌️ ambitious never give up.loyalty.respect and believe in yourself..stand up for what you believe in .love karate and hugs good friends.
irena_ruzickova @maireadhilliar1 @Niall_Boylan The difference is German people are not sheep and not afraid to speak up. Irish will just do what they're told even if it's going to kill them 🤷‍♀️
PastorJimberoo1 Northern Ireland, United Kingdom @Barnabybear70 Thats a standard one. Blame the EU and Blame the Irish will continue for a bit post brexit but eventually there will be no one left to blame Observer of politics and all things nonsensical & hypocritical. Life isn’t black and white...You never really understand a person until you walk in their shoes.
UberVoop @Critiqued101 What are the chance then of the Irish race surviving much less the country? We are seeing for the first time in modern history an entire western nation and its people go extinct. Does anyone think all the new Irish will create wondrous tales about the ancient Just your average run of the mill furfen. And for all the NON-furry fans out there, as well as the furry haters....WE RULE YOU! 🇺🇸☘️🦊
JasperBarry2 London Titanic UK *The Scots and N Irish will take to the lifeboats *The Welsh, left clinging to the wreckage, will ponder escape too. * The English, meanwhile, will stand proudly on the upper deck as the band plays Rule Britannia and the water gradually rises over their heads. Novelist, author of 'The Second Footman' and 'That Deplorable Boy'. English, Irish, European. Likes The Archers. Hates Brexit.
StPatrickIrish St. Patrick, MN Irish will host the Shakopee Coyotes, Sunday 1 pm at Bonin Field. This kicks off Region 3C (bracket: Reminder: Admission for Region 3C will be taken as you "enter" Bonin Field. Adults: $5 Ages 13-17: $2 12 and Under: Free See you Sunday! Official Twitter account of the St. Patrick Irish baseball team. MBA Class C, DRS League member. A church, a bar, a ballfield.
CougarTrainee @learninlife @RickyJDiaz7 @bethkbarnes AA don’t have our own identity. We are raised to be Black and Proud. Others? They are this first THEN American. Hell even Italians and Irish will be tatted up repping a country they’ve never been to. Same with Asians. Even Greek. They’re Greek First then American. Military Twitter’s favorite AO1 IYAOYAS!! #Team7 forever! #HOKIES #Nats #Caps #LAkings #HTTINSERTnewNameHere #GoNavyBeatArmy
FelixirofLife28 Dublin City, Ireland @scienceisc00l And even when independence is gained the effects of colonisation are felt. Irish will likely never be the first language of the majority of Ireland. Queer non-binary trans guy (he/him). 24. Comedian. Leftist. Feminist. Host of @nottransmovies podcast, co-organiser of @tokenstr8comedy. Not it, Chief.
polecattimes @Jamesssss @steve0G1 @Dan_Bissett @SamDaly75982661 @rjmarsh1963 @ElmesJill @BritishAlba @LBC @TomSwarbrick1 Oh almost forgot half of Tory voting Kent is under concrete and a huge draw for sex workers, and the North of England may recall why their grandparents never voted Tory, and the Irish will get back all of Ireland. The Scots might go too. An excellent result that you made possible Politics and History
golferjoe44 Naples, FL Same happened last week. Watched the coverage from here in the USA and didn't see one shot played by @ShaneLowryGolf . Thankfully us Irish will always keep an eye out for him. Now a custom framer in Naples Fl . Business LLC name is A Little Bit Irish, DBA Frame Gallery.
TheIrishman1978 Oklahoma City, OK @gearheartmoto @Banzersxx @KenPaxtonTX @NRA Ha...shows how much you know about my heritage. All Irish will the you It’s a sad and depressing heritage. “If you are lucky enough to be Irish, you are lucky enough.” Radical Socialist-Irish Catholic-Mi esposa es Chilanga-Robespierre Logic-The Irish Dr. Ruth-Raising 2 boys in this sh*thole country 🇮🇪 🇲🇽 🇺🇸 🌊
CoachD178 Granger, IN Notre Dame's full 2020 football schedule is released. No USC, no Navy, Clemson stays in place and the Irish will finish at home. Check it out #GoIrish Former college WR and QB coach. Publisher at Irish Breakdown, the Notre Dame channel at Sports Illustrated. Facebook:
CoachD178 Granger, IN Notre Dame's full 2020 football schedule is released. No USC, no Navy, Clemson stays in place and the Irish will finish at home. Check it out. #GoIrish Former college WR and QB coach. Publisher at Irish Breakdown, the Notre Dame channel at Sports Illustrated. Facebook:
jordanwood72 Ohio, USA I was just listening to the @923TheFan and my grandfather and I talked about the same thing last year. Urban Myer will coach the Golden domers in 21. If that happens the Irish will be in the big10 by 22, possibly bringing another ACC team as well. Pitt is my guess. Family, God, Career #TinderFacts
NiallMcConnell5 Sign the petition to excommunicate Irish traitor and Islam appeaser Archbishop Diarmuid Martin! The Catholic hierarchy has betrayed the cause of Irish freedom before, they need to be told that the Irish will not stand for it anymore! Revolutionary Irish Catholic Nationalist Youtube Channel:
cbhall1992 South Carolina ACC plans to release football schedule tomorrow at 9 a.m. Can’t wait to see when the Tigers and Irish will meet. @presbycollege alum. journalist. blogger. Intern. Lover of sports, food and good times. Lil’John retweeted me once. #BlackLivesMatter
JohnBre11293409 @lorraine_lally @SimonHarrisTD And come the next general election we thick Irish will still vote them into power. Life is too short to be consumed by hypocrisy.
ItsAnAyeFaeme Lumloch, Scotland @KristaLandon @dinahbrand2 @WilliamShatner That’s lovely dear. You won’t be peeing next to me ever. That’s why we fight woke identity politics, we the Scottish and English welsh & Irish will end this trash. I hope the girls in America wake up pronto.
biscuitmelange Outside the EU @paulhy @castlvillageman Weak. Feeble. The only hole in your world will be the burial mound the new Irish will dig for you. I’ll watch from afar from the Welch Marches and light a candle for ye. I’m sure you’re a nice Paul really! of the Ængel-Cambro-Norþmann Geraldines suffering the same damn Cromwellian echos as the last time. Parodies Cavaliers vs the Phoney Parliament. Assange for PM
PMick2020 @fionamflanagan1 Very sad and its going to get worse.....and as usual the stupid Irish will obey. Open your mind the truth is staring you in the face.....GET INFORMED GET EDUCATED GET SMART.
Paul72448849 @darrengrimes_ Well said, the only part of the UK that does not have an independent "say" is England. We can not as the Welsh, Scots and Irish will shout discrimination if we do something they are against, however we have no say in the countries. As for Unionists......... scum
LeonPhelps Long Beach, CA @shisindayNDE Ireland had a feminine. It was far from a craphole. The Irish will thrive anywhere. Can't say the same for somalians and pakis. California and NV Attorney. Las Vegas resident. mid life no kids. fiscally conservative with some liberal views. no wives kids or baggage.
manishramnani4 England and Hiccups a match made in heaven 🤷‍♀️😂😂 Giving away 10 points to the Irish will prove costlier #OdiWorldCupSuperLeague #ENGvsIRE
BGInews South Bend, Indiana Will #NotreDame make the College Football Playoff with its new schedule? @rivalsmike and @adamgorney discuss. Covering Notre Dame football since '81. Follow us for daily recruiting updates, news items, press conference coverage and more.
SeanOSeIrlLtd Limerick, Ireland @rtenews @MichealMartinTD "When people are give a clear direction, they follow it." He really thinks we are like puppy dogs and he can do what he likes and the Irish will obey. Time to push back and man up folks Nationalism, Engineering, Science, Austrian Economics, Mises. In God we trust its Gold or bust.
yalla7bibi Paris, France @mike_lucullus @afneil bringing this back to Scotland, CCCTB is dead, the Irish will never agree to it, and there is a huge opportunity for Scotland as a low tax, stable jurisdiction operating English company law. (2/2) Étudiant de 3ieme en économie à l'École Polytechnique de Paris. Je viens du Liban (Lebanese).
JystSam Waunadda @aprhisiart21 this is the only way ulster scots and irish will ever be official languages of the uk. let it happen! they/them/nhw lgbt+ lhdt+ disability anabledd environment amgylchedd Cymru music cerdd thank you for putting up with sporadic infodumps between real content
stroketv Santa Rosa, CA NEW! Stroke TV is now Simulcast on YouTube and Facebook. #stroketv Guest Bob Irish Will Share His Stroke Survival Story via @YouTube Hi! Thanks for your interest. I survived certain death suffering a major brain aneurysm and two weeks later a major stroke on September 17th 2010.
Julian57110360 @gerrywebster Unfortunately lives will be lost and the control is going to be so bad there will be nowhere to run many disasters will follow and the Irish will wake up when we are sinking way back out.. remember it is us that are part of it... ambitious never give up.loyalty.respect and believe in yourself..stand up for what you believe in .love karate and hugs good friends.
Alberto61680359 @of_herts @WJHWhitbread Unlike the English, the Irish don't only know the price of EU membership but also its value. Look at Ireland in 1970 and Ireland today. The Irish will tell you that being in the EU is worth it, and they'll gladly contribute.
Oldsoul34982905 @profJQ So basically there's noway to stop these people coming here legally, as the state and private interests can just bypass the public. The fact most Irish will support this shows how detached they are from reality and how they have no ability to see what's coming
Ellbow7 @skillschampion2 @ianpauljones @Jim_1967HH I don’t think anyone would care if it is officially made your national anthem. It already is by default in the eyes of the world and everyone in the Uk. No Welsh, Scots, or Irish will complain. Least not the sane ones. gamers rise up pronoun - Xer/Xi
camiloc11982071 @NationalPartyIE Im no bot. You’re right. The Irish will decide. I’m Irish and we’ll never buy into your insane ideology. 🇮🇪 The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.
CommonWho Ireland @DonCarlo66 And the Irish will be receiving reparations too?? No sorry forgot we're the wrong colour.. Aboriginal Indigenous Native Irish darkly sarcastic sh1t-stirring prick.. AntiStraightAntiGayAntiAllColoursAntiLeftAntiRightAntiResponsibility & Aunty Doreen
valdara4 Ireland @Tallulah30875 @MikePannett @MetTaskforce The tories made 20,000 police redundant & yet England still voted them in again, in a large majority. And thet thought Boris Johnson was fit to be a PM. And look how that has worked out! We Irish will never understand how the English think. Irish. Once met a giraffe called Henry 🦒. #LFC Premier League Champions 2020
Richcanvas The Midlands England @smudgesworld2 Remember, Ireland is a small country in terms of population. Doesn't take a mathematician to work out how long before the indigenous Irish will be outnumbered. Reap what you sow and all that. Artist, guitarist. Art, History, Architecture, music(Vinyl), comedy, open spaces, woods, hills, mountains, lakes, travel, nature, walking, curry. AVFC
LaurenHever Wexford, Ireland The Irish will ban an extremely useful and informative ad about the correct use of tampons before they properly enforce the quarantining of foreign holidaymakers and I’m not one bit surprised.... #tampaxad self-loathing narcissism is my passion 😌
NotArmourI @Jonny_Was_Taken @dreamwastaken2 -I bet next year dreams gonna say something bout the Irish eating potato’s and some people who aren’t even irish will cancel him #dream hi!
MadBastard2233 Antrim, Republic of Ireland. @rem1689 Yes, and all them benefits going to the unappreciative Irish will be another nail in the Loyalists coffin. All them pounds and healthcare ain’t free to the British taxpayers. Irish people can afford to pay to see the Doctor, after unification you will have to as well. Get a job. Heterosexual, prolific lover of beer and women & constantly broke due to it. All caustic & hateful tweets are deliberate and meant to offend as many as possible
TheMonk82667178 @RichieAllenShow Ps Richie the Irish will come (dont know the travel restrictions), but let Meyers and Walter's know your intentions Internationalist

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