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SHCathletics San Francisco, CA Baseball update: due to the recent rain, Aragon's baseball field is unplayable today. So, the Dons and the Irish will resume their game at Half Moon Bay High School instead, 4:00pm today! Go IRISH! Watch Sacred Heart Cathedral athletics at Go Irish!
R_Love317 CLASSIFIED @PhilipRucker @jaketapper Well, I suppose the Irish will learn a lesson about status and rank here. Patriot & Conservative Independent, III%, Team 17, #Constitution #Veteran #2A #Intolerant #Christian #Israel #Zionist #EliteMafia
NDBaseball Notre Dame, Indiana FINAL: Boston College 10, Notre Dame 1 The Irish will look to bounce back and even the series in game two Friday night. First pitch is scheduled for 7 p.m. ET and will be broadcast on the ACC Network Extra. #GoIrish #PassTheShillelagh The Official Twitter Account for the University of Notre Dame baseball program. Camp info can be found at #PassTheShillelagh
hippiecahier East Coast USA I once worked on a project with a former State Department person. Her paraphrased advice prior to my interview with an Irish CEO: the thing to keep in mind is the Irish will lie and they are very, very good at sounding truthful. I'm not really a hippie. This is not really a cahier. ~~ peace. love. hyperbole!™ ~~
dick_nixon Woodcliff Lake, NJ @Bro_Pair The real Irish will be in London or New York 40 years and still talk of home but nobody cries over Ireland like some son of a bitch from Andover, Massachusetts. 37th President of the United States. Messages from the President unsigned, others from Ronald Ziegler. FAQ:
weepep Ireland @jamesdeeganMC @5_mini_Daves Last word..make no mistake we Irish will make sure every last one of those murdering cnuts ends up in court and behind bars ...its been over 40 yrs and we will never stop Irish by the grace of God
AquinasHigh Augusta, GA ☘️☘️The Irish will play a spring scrimmage tomorrow night at 7:30 p.m. vs. Glenn Hills at home. There will be a $5 Entry Fee per person and $25 per car in the tailgating area! Concessions will be opened with… A Catholic college preparatory, co-educational school located in Augusta, GA. Developing Christian leaders through an excellent secondary education.
dosleprechauns Riverside, CA @DawgNation Didn’t this Georgia team get embarrassed by Texas last year in their bowl game? And the author states ND may not be able to “hang” with Georgia? Quite a few assumptions being made. Also, the author hardly touched on the explosive offense the Irish will field. It will be close Founder and host of Dos Leprechauns Podcast with my son Leprechaun Nate - Check us out on Facebook for exclusive content! 5k runner, GOD has me
_MeganSims The fact that @martin_compston is Scottish and Jamie Dornan is Irish will forever baffle me, how do they hide their accents so well 🤯
IFeelAJungle Tiny House with /MY/ Rock. Well…guess that means Tin Man and Double Irish will be coming out. @PipsqueaksRock is my main squeeze and the keeper of our zooful of muses. Whatever souls are made of, ours are the same. -- RP Writer
milanzm1963 Fairfax, Virginia, USA B)(MY book- H. Depot 22030-Brad- African-American CIA idiot staff-NOPS ASM)"We and irish will NOT get crap; We will STEAL voucher; -OUR business??? (CRAZY) OUR BABY???? We are ALL DIRTY; (CRAZY) This is still OUR insurance??? (CRAZY) I will put him in OUR house, ha-ha???? I am trustworthy, intelligent, responsible, unique “ 3D – chess “ player, with integrity, principles, global thinking, wisdom and International experience…
YNWAExile @duponline @NickMalyon1 Seems to me if we had not had this bloody backstop problem these muppets in Parliament would have had nothing to argue about. Cannot wait for us to leave and southern Ireland becomes an immigrant holding area, maybe then the irish will see sense. Liverpool born, avid reds fan,Opinions all my own.Lived and worked several African countries, now home. Ex military and Police. Happy to discuss everything LFC.
chrisco10405388 Hoylake, England @greatesthitsuk @rossie7dj Whiskey and red only the Irish will know Rugby Cycling Food Formula 1 Six Nations Tennis Animals General News
bulltwittingman European Union @Howardy1966 @toryleadership_ The people of Wales love him the Scots and the Northern Irish will ditch their independence and republican party’s the moment he’s elected. He’s the man to reunify the country and lead us into the utopian Brexit future that awaits us. @ajhellyer52 What do you think? When it's all said and done there'll be more said than done
Geurtsy Cobram @ShereeJohns Not the worst idea in the world. Irish will complete on the ground, is ok in the air and most importantly is an accurate kick for goal Essendon FC, Melbourne Victory FC, Manchester United FC, Melbourne Ice, Melbourne Storm, Milwaukee Bucks. Muse,Green Day, Foo Fighters
mrpdie1 Stoke-on-Trent, England @IrexitFreedom Eventually, when it's to late, the Irish will wake up. The EU plunders the countries it absorbs, taking its fish, industries and money, and in return, sends millions of uneducated unskilled migrants. Good deal eh. married, two grown children and. dog.
DebGibbons Minnesota @IrishCentral He is the best - I am from Minnesota - and County - family of great Irish fighters - always had to stand up with courage - that is out President, also - Irish will love him much like JFK - JFK Jr was/has always been his best friend. Love to the Irish #TrustThePlan - what the trees know
jamesdeens Derry, Northern Ireland @MartinCostell16 @CaseyPeterJ @drivetimerte The Irish will end up in penury... brought about by their own deceit and narcissism. Bully-boy/girls EU will wreck havoc on Ireland’s tax and replacement population and Sovereignty... and the Brits won't be there to back them up.
TheNewIreland1 Feelings Before Facts @RTEsport @ShaneLowryGolf @McIlroyRory @gregallenRTE Yes a great day for irish sport. A British man who say he always feels more British than Irish will be representing Ireland and taken that chance away from a proud Irishman. This must be the new woke Ireland and I hope this starts a trend. No irish person should represent Ireland As long as you're not any of the following welcome to THE NEW IRELAND - Irish,White,Christian, Straight, Male or if you want babies to be given a chance at life
footieisliving Birmingham @gemmaod1 Gemma you are wasting your time. Ireland past population 9 million. present population 4.2 million yet these people that insult you were the ones that voted for abortion, who needs wars when dumb fks vote to beat themselves. Irish will be remembered and laughed at when extinct.
CriostoirR Dublin City, Ireland @IrishTimes Why? It doesn't make a difference, we're not even a spec on the map in comparison to India, China and America. Another money scheme for our European masters and the dozy Irish will just roll over and take it. Resurrected, again. (formally 𝕲𝖆𝖙𝖘𝖇𝖞) Republican, Him/he. Lover of Israel. Twitter's very own abused spouse.
ubermenschgoy @TeresaIsIrish @BBCNewsNI @GOP Shut the fork up boomer you gave us gen-z a forked up West and you're really proud of it? Say bye bye to your previous Ireland, in 2040 Irish will be a minority in their own nation and by 2070-2080 they'll most likely be gone, for fork sakes they have an Indian PM. 12 years of freedom
PaulStewartII Toronto, Canada “Joe Biden ripped Rudy Giuliani for his aborted plan to travel to the Ukraine  'It's hard for me to comment on Rudy Giuliani and I don't think I will because my Irish will come up,' Biden told reporters in New Hampshire ” Canadian. Keen interest in geopolitics. Share fact based views in serious, at times entertaining way. Bots blocked.
CHOCACILL @CaseyPeterJ Most Irish people seem to be happy that in 15 to 20 years the native Irish will be in the minority in this country with our culture and heritage tossed to the side. County Kildare.
smithavt Does it really matter, nobody is listening. Nothing, its and Irish problem not an English one. The Irish will squabble no matter what we do. I know even less than before, and before I knew nothing.... THANK GOD I'm only here for the humour!
LiquidSoul06 @NevetsNonnac @RasThaFarEye @Rm4djr @kimlikesithere @OmowaleAfrika Semantics means everything in a legal document. You guys needs some lawyers on your team. The Irish will push and claim their status as ex slaves and grab their reparations. You guys need to tighten up, or just say trump2020
ubermenschgoy @__Magnificent9 @RightWingFenian @cholachingona @jstorbitch The Irish will be a minority in Ireland (their homeland) by 2040, care to refute? Let's see what happens in 2060-2070, most likely they'd have been executed. Hey turk, why don't you open up your borders and you become a minority in your own historical homeland, how'd ya like it? 12 years of freedom
Backyard_Comedy London E2 0EL London's #Irish will be returning on May 21st with another incredible show. Don't miss out and book your tickets now: #londonirish #comedy #standupcomedy We are London's newest purpose built Comedy Club in the heart of the East End. Great comedy + great shows + homemade food. West End Shows at East End Prices
kevinpbreslin Derry @SimonCatRiley @ShaneHoranPR1 @peterandann @StephenFarryMLA UK is still European, and EU & Irish will want a mutually advantageous relationship based on respect not the silly competition games of the English far right. However it will be tough love, because NI is complex tensor political calculus and ERG Brexiteers approach it with 2+2=5. #EastwoodforEurope #WeneedtheGFA #FBPE #WATON #PCPEU #Peoplesvote 🇪🇺 🇮🇪 👨🏻‍🎓👨🏻‍💻 I'm a doctor (nearly)
Annie6smithA Eastbourne, England @Victoria_Secret Me Mammy and Daddy are both Irish so technically I'm 100% Irish will i do? Believe it and you can live it. If you can't change it don't sweat it.....Mantras I live my life by. 💞 Love, hope and positively 💞
Backyard_Comedy London E2 0EL London's #Irish will be returning on May 21st with another incredible show. Don't miss out and book your tickets now: #londonirish #comedy #standupcomedy We are London's newest purpose built Comedy Club in the heart of the East End. Great comedy + great shows + homemade food. West End Shows at East End Prices
Beata61033566 @glawlor61 @Nigel_Farage Irish young are brainless progressive slaves, they have Lost ability to think independetley. Irish will adapt any stupodity as long as it is lebelled „ progress” and „ against CC” Try to be independent nation for once will you? Action speaks louder than words DO ROBOTY.
singsuggs ava jbf best of luck from me and all twenty two sues to my pal @lcvingjoe in her gcses tomorrow <3 hopefully your fluency in irish will get u through 😌 toe slugg | fan account
ragtyke @thegardensgnome @KateHoeyMP @Nigel_Farage The Brits and the Irish will not build a border. Will you, Monsewer Barnier? Passionate about liberty and justice.
JohnWCasey885 United States So it’s limerick day, you’re not jokin’? Inta me gut don’t be pokin’. It better be true Or the Irish will sue And they’ll want to know what you’ve been smokin’. Christ follower, husband, father, grandfather, no political affiliation. Apostles Creed, Nicene Creed, WCF
ArminiusThe @PobalNaisiunta They are already in Ireland and the native Irish will be a minority in their own land by around 2050. If the trend is not reversed, the Irish people will pretty much go extinct like the native Amerindians. ✝️ Pro-white Identitarian
Irish99263675 @MikeBlackXXX Happy belated birthday handsome. Irish will be in SFO within the next month and I will make it up to you. I promise. ❤️ Irish ☘️
terrymcmahon69 Ireland I Love You: 3 most famous words in English. Polls reveal the Irish will send their own profound words of hope in EU elections. Electorate's message to homeless children and parents and families and anyone vulnerable is so pure and moving it only takes 3 words: Go fork Yourselves. FILMMAKER PATRICK'S DAY CHARLIE CASANOVA
jeffmielcarek A great high school game, crowd and environment tonight at Mercy Health Field as @AHS_BASE d. @CCHSIrishSports 3-1 in 10 innings. It was a tournament type game. Best of Luck to Coach Selgo and his team the rest of the season. The Irish will bounce back. Varsity Baseball Coach @ Toledo Central Catholic HS. General Manager at Twos Athletic Club. Former Director of CYO Athletics. Business Manager for OHSBCA.
martinkelly77 Chateauroux,France @Anna_Soubry @bbcquestiontime Just watched last night's episode. It was like history repeats itself. Give a Na*I a platform and the guinols will follow. Aka Nigel F (NF) I wish you well @Anna_Soubry as an X conservative you mean well. Us Irish will look after ourselves. Cycling is my passion and this is the country for it .France.
Celtarion Cork, Ireland The big #DIL2019! A group of 10 French, Swiss and Irish will join #DarknessintoLight2019 tomorrow Saturday 11 May 2019 @UCC from 4.15am for a 5kms walk 👍🏻 @FranceinIreland @Swiss_IRL @PietaHouse Originally from #Brittany... I adopted #Corkcity 🌆 as home in 2006 😃#LoveIreland 🇮🇪 | #rugby 🏉 | #genetic⛓| #genealogy 🙋‍♂️| #newtech📱| #celticculture 🌄
TigersLeicester @jakegilbert77 Indeed, even London Irish will be! 7th-11th and promoted team qualify Fan Page for Leicester Tigers
CathedralSoftb1 Indiana, USA We are so excited to have our first TEACHER APPRECIATION DAY at Brunette Park today! Please come out and support our wonderful Cathedral teachers. The Irish will be taking on Zionsville at 5:30.
Gmaildownes Yeovil, England @rugbystig @rugbyunited @RugbyLI @rugbybristol The bears will finish higher. But London Irish will not go down. Bear and London both have great managers Strawberry & Raspberry Grower
Backyard_Comedy London E2 0EL London's #Irish will be returning on May 21st with another incredible show. Don't miss out and book your tickets now: #londonirish #comedy #standup We are London's newest purpose built Comedy Club in the heart of the East End. Great comedy + great shows + homemade food. West End Shows at East End Prices
SimonGleave Utrecht, Netherlands The suggestion here is that London Irish will struggle after bringing in so many players, however talented they might be. I know from talking to Ben and Simon that the issue for London Irish is likely to be the defence. Guess we'll see. Head of Analysis at @GracenoteSports | Fan of most sport, particularly Rugby, Football, Cricket | Cambridge, Palace & Utrecht | My views are my own
ubermenschgoy @MedcomStar @diogeneshorse1 @nytimes -on when Europeans'll be minorities in their nations, for example the Irish will be a minority in Ireland by 2040, and France is going the same road since Macron said he wanted to bring I believe 20 million immigrants? And England too, English people are a minority in London- 12 years of freedom
HelenSalmon2 Bristol, England All of this media promotion of Farage forgets that his so called appeal is largely English. The Scots, welsh and Northern Irish will send a huge remain message. I have recently retired from Headship after leading two schools in Devon. Enjoying an active retirement reading, keeping fit, volunteering and fighting brexit.
cchssports Charleston, WV Tomorrow the Irish will be taking on Midland Trail at 6pm at the new field at the Shawnee Sports Complex! Please park in the main parking lots and use the entrance to the Soccer fields! Go Irish ! ☘️ Receive CCHS sport schedule information via Twitter!
bad2theallibone York, PA Final: York Catholic 13, Red Lion 6. Irish will face Central York in a league title rematch. Catholic won that contest and the regular season matchup in OT. Sports reporter covering York & Adams counties for @GameTimePA_SC and @ydrcom. Penn State 2015.

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