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prendergast London, England “You’re the London Irish Will and Grace” @asadd @IamSarahDuffy 😂😂😂 Associate editor @ok_magazine
DavidLevenson7 London, England @allanholloway @PaulAtk52540619 @jfwduffield @twarundel @SanjayS00663282 @MadPdavid @kediwins @tomnutt78 @fh_stephen @gaskell_mike @dailyexp We'll be onto a round of famous sporting Gibsons at this rate... Mike Gibson, Irish will-o-th'-wisp, British Lion and the slipperiest (if there is such an adjective) rugby centre - some say one of the GOATs Founder of Coaching Futures #JustAClickAway. If you have fears, worries, concerns about COVID-19, just DM me. #staysafe 🙌 #stayconnected 🤗 Support our NHS 🤕
KenMSweeney Kildare, Ireland @torrsolais @smitharrytv And is the British government going to be paying for the sudden Union we Irish will have to deal with? We will have a united island of Ireland when the people of the island agree - not because of yet another set of popsicle-ups by the British administration. Founder & Managing Director of @EuropaUnitedEU. Host of @eu_europa #Eurochat #EasternDialogue podcasts. NUJ member. Retweets not always endorsements.
tearrach ÉIRE @Heatherkellyyy @ElticeK @TarbhEireann @faisafgh123 The native Irish will be less than 50% of the Irish population by 2050. This is a radical disruption of a country's demography and identity, it is a colonization. Future generations will look on shame on how we destroyed the nation he inherited Caitliceach Rómhánach Traidisiúnta "D'aithle na bhfiledh n-uasal" - Ó Bruadair “These fragments I have shored against my ruins“ T.S Elliot
Kaliclownyuga @bazyjonesy @olippydoo @ginamcnally10 @MichaelodwyerMD Gina, the Irish will be a minority North and South within a few decades. This is being forced onto the population against their will. The lying media in the West is in the hands of people who hate Europeans All multi-ethnic societies end in horrific conflict, please wake up. Lèse-majesté till glory or the gallows.
LaneyFay_ Nashville, TN hey if you live in Nashville and have a friend who is male kind smart funny cute and possibly Irish will you set me up thanks Was once voted “most likely to be crying but also most likely to succeed.” She.
WestHullensian Hull @Rubberbandits @masi_asylum If they know what's good for them the Irish will fight tooth and nail to keep their nation as monoracial as possible.
GalahadGremlin The Manlet Compound (2/2) Another big thing our enemy uses is the ones who are fluent in Irish will always reply to nationalists in Irish as some attempt to embarrass us. Their point is "well you're a nationalist, you should speak Irish" and they're dead right, use lockdown to improve your Irish Homesick for an Ireland I never got to live in. -Zoomer Gang -Manlet Pride -Lift or be cringe
cmiller88216 Cleveland, Ohio @eleanorfink_ @ehhhvita Do you know the history of the Irish in America? Go watch a documentary. A quote from gangs of new York movie "an Irish will do for a nickel what a black will do for a dime and a white man use to get a quarter for" Irish at one point were looked at as the same or almost the same MMA, boxing, video games, horror movies
Andym6769 Northern Ireland @BrexitHome Being threatened my the Irish will anger loyalis paramilitaries and they have alread said if our place in the UK is threatened they will respond. Need I say anymore? I Love Wildlife and I'm disabled. I don't always agree with what I RT I'm Royalist and Unionist to the core. I have many different interests. Say Hello
ThHoneydome 🍯🍼 The MOORS and IRISH will be persecuted... The fake Jews want to get rid of the REAL ONES Im a lover of the truth and I do this for CHRIST.
MrRCain2 @DrDown3 @BenLowry2 @3000Versts No what this is and consists of is unionists trying to push their totalarislism on nationalists. These days are gone sir. We aren't tolerating this nonsense talk anymore. I am Irish will always be Irish and that is the end of the story. Polley should retract this article. Irishman and political commentator. The people of NI come first. Will call people out and debate current matters.
TimWals02423209 Lancashire, England. @AGadomski @Nigel_Farage @ghost_wales The border in Irish Sea exists only as a dotted line on a disappears the second the EU cave and agree the FTA....Irish will be sweating over it but FTA will happen and border disappears. History Business & Finance Politics Travel Science & Technology
CoachJaida Conway, SC 3 Notre Dame Alumni ... 1 absolutely amazing human in @GoIrishCoachO ... anyone ... and I MEAN ANYONE would be lucky to have! This is a DREAM TEAM! The luck of the Irish will be with you all! 🍀 Head Women’s Basketball Coach @CCUChanticleers - I aspire to inspire 💙💚
tearrach ÉIRE @aaronfdesign @f3miiiiii Native Irish will be less than 50% of population in Ireland by 2050 (Irish Times). This is a larger change of demographics and culture than took place in most colonies held by Britain and France etc. Caitliceach Rómhánach Traidisiúnta "D'aithle na bhfiledh n-uasal" - Ó Bruadair “These fragments I have shored against my ruins“ T.S Elliot
hawknado Austin, TX @optimist_gaming @realDonaldTrump @yoyoel He just watched Gangs of New York and is afraid the Irish will eventually gain equality in America. Current King of California Armor made of Wolf Mighty Battleaxe
HometownMedia1 Kentucky and Notre Dame announce 3 game series. The Fighting Irish will travel to Lexington on December 12, 2020, the two will play at a neutral site in 2021, and in 2022, the Kentucky will go to South Bend. Covering Angola and surrounding areas. Watch live coverage of Angola Hornet Sports at
WYMT Hazard, KY The Cats and Fighting Irish will tip-off their series on December 12 at Rupp Arena. We're Your Mountain Television -- Eastern and Southern Kentucky's source for news.
haydenhooper01 Lexington, KY SCHEDULE ALERT: Just announced, the Kentucky Wildcats and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish will face one another the next three seasons on the hardwood. @ChanManSports @CameronMillz @cameronradio @HMitchell14 “How do you replace legends?... You become one.” -@KashDaniel15 "I'm a bucket," -@raf_tyler
SportsOT Eastern Kentucky The Cats and Fighting Irish will tip-off their series on December 12 at Rupp Arena. #BBN Appalachian Wireless Sports Overtime airs Friday nights during football & basketball season @ 11:10pm. Sports Overtime Saturday Night airs Saturdays @ 11:20pm
markskoljr_WNDU South Bend, IN JUST ANNOUNCED: ND men's basketball has announced a three game series with Kentucky that starts this season. The Irish will play the Wildcats at Rupp Arena in 2020, at a neutral site in 2021 and at Purcell in 2022. Cal was at ND this season to watch his son at Detroit Mercy. @WNDU Sports Director | Texas Ex 🤘🏻
Goon_Lagoon__ California, USA @AssBurgerRap Give it time and Italians and Irish will be considered non-white again I've been out in the sun without my hat on for way too long.
ColmFaulkner TCD, Dublin, Ireland @TheLittleChef Nope. Us Irish will not be taking the blame for these crimes against food and national identity. Nanotechnology, Microscopy, Innovation, Medtech, Endurance Sports, Collecting Rare Books, Laughing, Punning...
HMellerick Mallow, North Cork, Ireland @gemmaod1 @gerrywebster Gemma and John are the ONLY two public representatives telling it like it is and doing it night and day, 7 days a week. She's the HARDEST working politician out there, & she doesn't even like politics. In time the Irish will look back & feel ashamed of the treatment they allowed “Speak your mind. Even if you are a minority of one. The truth is still the truth.” ~ Mr. Gandhi
TakeIrelandBack Galway, Ireland @NationalPartyIE Exactly. Only true Irish will understand. @fiannafailparty and @TheGreenParty give away citizenship too freely through so called "Critical Skills" backdoor permits abused by IT companies and multinationals. Irish come last under current system, exacerbated by boat loads of liars Group to Take Ireland Back • Protect Irish child's inheritance of Eire • Bring back Irish abroad • Assist home purchase • Send surplus foreigners home
Taxidub Ireland @zylon9 '1984/Soylent Green /......', 'PLEASE STAY THE COURSE '.....etc etc. Trouble is the Irish WILL, Yanks/French/Germans protesting but we'll be ridden again and again by the govt. until we're all as poor as Haitians. No spark of protest in us 😠😠😠😠
lannaa97 Éire fork FG and FF. With this carry on, soon the irish will be working until the grave Recognise beetle beetle another
brollinsmemes Somewhere in ireland Reaction memes DISCLAMER ON THE SETH MEME: I quoted an underdog ad (British and irish will understand it) it’s about insurance!!! #WWE #BeckyLynch #SethRollins #Memes loud mouth Irish girl trying to bring some happiness to this that so much to ask for ?
Julian57110360 @EileenC27535831 @ColmanOfGuaire If you tell the Irish to stay in might as well tell the rain to stop...thank god we are a sociable country .there is no way on god's earth the Irish will stand much more of it or the orders put to them..gone on long enough..they can forget their vacine crap and chip too. ambitious never give up.loyalty.respect and believe in yourself..stand up for what you believe in .love karate and hugs good friends.
Katie6747 @DJcookie777 Better job prospects I guess and better pay. However, people are not as nice in London. Big City and all that. You try to chat to someone on the tube here and people look at you like you've lost your mind lol. Scottish people, and the Irish will talk the ears off you lol.
DumbfaTurd Audubon, PA @realDonaldTrump DIAPER DON SWINGING ALL THE LIES AND RHETORIC HE CAN FIND. WHAT A PIECE OF crapE AS THE IRISH WILL SAY. 110 Thousand what’ve died. He Gloats Attorney, Restaurateur and Fighter for Rights. Hates Fear Mongers and Liars like Trump.
Jakobhanson9 @espn No way @mikegolicjr and keep up with @KyleRudolph82 . The superior Fighting Irish will be crowned #SKOL a living, breathing dad joke. twitch affiliate. watch me on twitch if you’re looking for a good time. insta: jakobhanson9
RichardBentall Liverpool, England @gonerusty @Nigel_Farage The great UK is finished already. Brexit has finished it. Our economy is damaged and we have less power in the world already. The Scots and Northern Irish will go soon. The EU will outlive the UK for sure. Political doppelgänger of @BentallProf and comrade in arms of @s_bentall. Scientists are allowed political opinions, which are not those of their employers.
PogueMuHone Ireland Ballyvaughan Slia Mish And there are still people on John Bull's Other Island who wonder why the Irish will not 'move on'. Cuimhnigh ar Luimini I babble in Hiberno-English because few people understand my native Gaeilge. I expect those who have the cúpla focail sa póca to understand my user name.
zefairish Dion, eternally Sending a very warm hug to you. And don't forget that I, Irish, will always be your ears, be your shoulders, and be your adik. Warm and sincerity, Irish. 🧐 𝐈𝐋𝐋𝐔𝐒𝐎𝐑𝐘. It's not just her face, which is gorgeous. 𝒁𝒆𝒇𝒂𝒏𝒚𝒂 𝑲𝒂𝒍𝒚𝒂𝒊𝒓𝒊𝒔𝒉 is attractive in a much fuller way than that.
BewareOz @davidbewart @nuzzel TOGETHER? While so-called Irish born in Australia who think their Irish (so definitely Irish!) will do all they can to use #INDIGENOUS and #sorryday to attack a Dead Captain for Political gain while never declaring an Indigenous would be the first H.O.S in their Vatican Republic Corrupt Religiosity Rules Australia with their dogma of God Corruption Greed Control while pointing the finger at everyone else
KieranAH @Gabriel20374016 Every one are complicit, they knew how to go into this lockstep scenario so well.Out at a local lake yesterday, permanent marking used, homebase cashless, we are being herded, well, some are but the Irish will always stand proud and say no, Dandy Gandi no, simple simon no pricks Irish and any attempt to take my home from me will be retaliated
Whymarrepublic @Noreen77777 The leader is a gqy 1ndian and don't worry, the new Irish will pay for your retirement! It's our way of saying thank you for your long life of work. Europeans are already diverse. Get rid of lying (((politicians))). Person of (very) light. Accent imitator. Против Вучића али и против опозиције.
dleaoh Dayton @miles_commodore We Irish will welcome you as a lost brother returning home. Good whiskey and beer await you! Not important enough for anyone to bother following, but go ahead if you like.
CandenceSam @k_o_n_d_o_r Completly worthless, and the Irish will perish if things continue like this. I have heard in some ways the cities are more cukd than england lol lazy girl i guess
Loradias12 North Carolina, USA @jimimcnally @Nature_and_Race @BEtheOPENmind Irish will forevermore simply be for the ethnic Irish peoples. Not third-worlders that spread malcontent and chaos. Actarian. Integralist. Distributist. 🇺🇸 #Nationalist 🇺🇸 ☩ #Catholic ☩
PatrickORyan13 2. The Native Irish will be left footing the bill via increased taxes, all the while losing #Freedom, #IrishCulture and & #Homeland. Eventually, the new arrivals will vote for more rights, more migration (e.g., family reunification), & accede loss of freedom for more free stuff Out of the echo chamber and up to the front line.... #MakeIrelandGrandAgain #IrishFreedom #ÉireAmháin
brownie_adams Ireland @LordRRoberts The Irish will totally disagree with that statement. The Brits have always been a corrupt bunch of maligners who are great with Outright lies and disinformation.

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