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washingtonirish Washington, DC 0' The Irish will kick to start with the sun in their eyes. It's high and hanging ans the Irish make the tackle and turn it over. Strong carries from Ortiz, Phil Campbell and Breckin put the Irish 10m out. Washington Irish RFC, established in 1980, is a Men's Division I and III rugby club based in the Nation's Capital.
TholstrupJens Danmark @JamesBrin4 @Douglas4Moray Scotland isnt paying 25% tax. American malt drinkers are, and it’s not because of EU, but because of Trump. Good luck negotiating with Trump and getting EU help with trade agreements around the world. Scotch whisky will suffer while Irish will benefit. Few distillers back brexit. Proud father in love with wife, caring tax payer with non-party-cross-normal-boundaries-political-quizzical attitude & non-conformist expert on whisky & aquavit
BrianOGriofa Limerick, Ireland @charliewasp London Irish will surly do better than that and don't see Wasps coming 2nd but I am not an avid premiership fan so I could be wrong 25, Munster & Irish Rugby fanatic, MUFC, Limerick GAA,, Fantasy Football Stand up and fight until you hear the bell #MRSC
SlippyG19 Cape Town @derekgoulding It’s funny how much the Irish care about rugby, yet you can’t ever smell a RWC semi-final. Now you insult the Haka. Keep insulting the Haka and the Irish will keep being crape at rugby. Hahahahaha!! Eternal student of film and music. #CFC #JesusIsKing
Ultra_debonair Melbourne, Victoria @CharmingKingg Hahaha the will be only one winner and that's the all blacks. The Irish will be lucky to even score a try Misunderstood, Humble, Debonair all words used to describe me. I keep it real #AfroAussie #Zimbo #gentleman team #ManchesterUnited #socceroos Instagram:@Artie1
nikaylamcaneney Irish defence is good this game, however all blacks just keep pushing and pushing, Irish will get exhuasted soon. What a game #NZvIRE #RWC19 Snapchat - xxnikaylaaxx
pietercleppe Brussels @BBCkatyaadler @Brexit No, legally, Northern Ireland remains part of the UK customs union and also in practice, the Northern Irish will be able to enjoy possibly lower UK tariffs as well Representing independent think tank @OpenEurope in Brussels since 2008. Columnist for @telegraph & European media. Opinions my own. My comment pieces:
leecthill London @davebenidorm166 I dont think the Irish will win, just want them to so we can dump them out. They should get chewed up and spat out by NZ London Green Badge
venomdevil Austin, TX Wow the rare times where I need to root for the wolverines. Need them to knock off penn state and then my Irish will best Michigan next week. Puts Notre dame within striking distance of the playoff. financial analyst. Dallas Cowboys. Chicago Cubs. Chicago Blackhawks. avid reader. Gamer.
GoodOleTwoNames Gettysburg, PA Delone’s @tdneiderer with the blanket coverage and the Irish will punt with 5:47 to go in the third. Just a hometown lad trying to promote Adams County sports the best way I know how. Appreciate the tweets? Pick up a copy of the Times to support me.
FRHS_Athletics Fremont, Ohio We are about to kickoff between the Little Giants and Toledo Central Catholic. Ross won the coin toss and deferred so the Irish will begin the game with possession. The Official Twitter Account of the Fremont Ross Athletic Department.
markmcconomy Derry @JamieBrysonCPNI @StephenNolan @bbc5live It's at this point that seamy has give in to the lies we told him about all along, come back and the irish will save you.
DavidCorner18 @NewshubSport I think Australia have a good game in them and the irish will be be leaving on a jet plane it's all black for them. Bob and I at home
HonkClownHonk @brianec8 @IrishTimes There is no such thing as multiculturalism. One culture will be dominant, and many of the cultures being imported are not compatible with our laws and values. Eg: Sharia Law. The Irish will be a minority around 2050. Keep that in mind, that’s true fear supported by facts Sick of the left, criticising the right.
kennybrown131 East Edinburgh, Scotland @THE_TBK Just like the fall of Apartheid there will be a tipping point in Ireland when Unionism can’t say no and will quickly adapt to preservation of culture. Most Irish will be accepting of this as long as it isn’t to the detriment of others Retired lifestyle, taking no day for granted. Music, football, sports and some politics. Part time dog sitter to the BonBon #lhasaapso.
Snipe_Gallinago Perthshire @dhothersall I’ve just sent one off. Will let you know what transpires. From family research I should be English, Scottish, Welsh, German and maybe Irish. Will be interesting to know the results. Sixties flapper - stilettos not platforms👠 Horse guardian 🐎Beware yellow and black are nature’s warning colours🐝
McgillKieran Oakham, England @Phil_Sandford Really think Irish will go down? Think Worcester will be relegated and bath to have a poor season under Hooper 21
Dad72Swim The English rugby fans’ guide to the other matches: Wales vs France - France Ireland vs New Zealand - Ireland (cos we can beat them) Japan vs South Africa (Japan of course) England vs Australia (Swing Low) The welsh and Irish will have “Anyone But England” should we progress! Swim Dad giving a light-hearted view on Swimming. Launched #ShowSwimmingOnTV plus rid pools of the hideous white creatures. next up #Peaty4SPOTY
DSnowman88 Ireland @LaurenceTheBird @TheRadioOfficer Visit her and give her the rope under strict instructions that she should hang until she is dead. Filthy scum. Playing the woman/victim card to perfection. Typical Irish will fall for it. She will be dancing with @mattressmick after Xmas no doubt
WonkoTheSane8 Outside of the Asylum @performidentity The EEA regs incorporating Mccarthy into UK law don't require movement though, just that you're not a British citizen. A NI born person who has never moved within the EU and who, if De Souza is correct, can be solely Irish will have more rights than NI born who is British or both Offering help to those still trying to figure out toothpicks.
Thescreenmachi4 Scotland. Where folk who want to be Irish will try and tell you that finding and sacking a beast is the same as actively covering up a paedo ring. I’m not the kind of person you think I’am
riotdownintrump England, United Kingdom @Nigel_Farage The one silver lining in this ridiculous farce, if Boris does succeed with his deal, then you’re an irrelevance, the Irish will finally get their Island back and the Tories will be viewed as the party who destroyed the economy and broke up the Union. anti-label, pro-people, realist and rationalist. Historian, economist and amateur statistician. All views are undoubtedly someone else's
ttomred69 @prodlegacy Scotland will be an independent country and the Irish will get their country back. It's only a matter of time. The demographics don't work for you planters anymore. Enjoy the last few months of your Union 😉 Keen Glaswegian marathon runner living in the north east of Scotland.
NDNJAthletics Lawrenceville, NJ The Boys Soccer Team (14-2) got two goals from Chris O’Neill and one from Guilliano Silva to top PDS 3-1 in the opening round of the MCT on Monsignor Nolan Field tonight. The #1 seeded Irish will face Trenton at home on Saturday at 12:30 pm. Go Irish!! #irishpride Notre Dame High School is proud of our long and storied tradition of success in Athletics.
punter_ni Belfast @donnchup @John_Divney_ @BenLowry2 @duponline @BorisJohnson my reading of the Irish Government is that it has been more Tory than the Tory Party, last economic crash public services were slashed at the request of the EU and its austerity demands Some public sector organisations cut in half, yet you think Irish will pay 11 billion for NI? keep a keen eye on a few European leagues ⚽️ watch the odd greyhound race at Romford 🇬🇧
fbscout_florida Tampa, FL Finish 11-1 and Irish will be no worse than no. 5 heading into the first weekend of December. @CoachD178 @AidanAkfootball @Jordanbotelho_ @tylerbuchner @xavierwatts6 @jeffwattsjr81 @almightydeion_ @T_WilliamsD1 @willshipley2021 @jabrunie @MMayer1001 @bfisher54_ @CaneBerrong Sports Illustrated Football Recruiting Analyst. Always traveling to games and camps. Recruiting never ends. #DixieRecruiting
wordsbyana Whereas in my mind, there’s been 20 yrs of peace & a whole generation that’s only known that. It almost seems insulting that the Irish will just automatically default to violence, instead of accepting political and legal realities and a referendum on unification. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Londoner. Law student. Feminist. Law, politics, health & social care, education. Learning disabled + on the go + autocorrect = typos. Tweets auto delete
MgAshling @WhitneyCummings The Irish will only accept full fat cows milk and you’re basically branded a Philistine if you have anything else, so book a flight ☘️ 🇮🇪 🥛
KilclooneyJohn Armagh City, United Kingdom Pound sterling fell further against the euro following the Brexit news today. Good news for border cities such as Newry and Armagh as thousands more Irish will now cross the border for their daily shopping. The £500 million last year will be greater this year! Thanks to Brexit!! Former Cabinet Minister in NI Government; former MEP; and former MP at Westminster
RealRushyG Nebraska, USA @BigRed_Fury @ShawnShea2 Especially if we lose the game....or win it. The beer will be gone and the Irish will be sad. Science lover, podcaster, total loser
KenGlobetrotter Ireland @realBillMalone @hazechu As it stands and by your dictionary definition, the native Irish will soon be an ethnic group in Ireland Arma tua Verba tua Erunt ! let your words be your weapon ! Free speech is the cornerstone of democracy and a free society. it must be defended at all cost.
NorthWestBrexit England, United Kingdom The Northern Irish will have to live with this and if not join the Republic.!!!!! In or Out was the vote promised by David Cameron. We the British people voted to LEAVE and LEAVE WE WILL.!!!
kepf_82 ireland @boneyem_ @georgegalloway Many Irish dont want the north...can you back that up with proof please. The English have been an oppressive stain on us for too long and thankfully that time is up, us Irish will be strong as a united country once again 🇮🇪
m4ttsenior Under a pale blue sky. @CliveWismayer If we crash out, we will certainly take the brunt of any economic fall out. But, the EU will also be hurt, and the Irish will find a border intolerable. The EU will not want to have a no deal clusterfork pinned on them. If we ask for an extension, they'll give us one. Loves fell running. Hates Brexit. Revoke.
KeyboardSuperm1 Newry @LBC @mrjamesob Your union is forked lads it's coming to an end!!! Scotland will leave then the occupied North of Ireland will leave and it'll be the Welsh kissing England's bottom begging for the scraps from London..... Meanwhile Scots and Irish will be holidaying in Europe 🤪 Proud County Down Irish Man Laughing at the DUP and the Unionist get thrown under the bus by there Westminster puppet masters
robertalanbenn1 @LabourGay @MartinDoherty45 @georgegalloway A referendum where? The UK has been unconcerned about this for years. Its not up to us. I could never see the point in keeping Ireland partitioned apart from it being a convenient training ground a short hop away for the British troops. Do it and the Irish will sort it out 😀😀😀😀😀
Moorerichardpr Dublin, Ireland Japanese prob most polite people on planet #tokyo #RWC2019 but Irish will struggle with no Jay walking and no littering not mention #allblacks #NZLvIRE but def Schmidt last stand so... Public relations exec and media commentator. AEJ Ireland. IUSA. East Galway now Dublin. Galway GAA. Connacht Rugby. Views are my own and that of my employer.
pachego Another rural town where the Irish will be replaced. A father's job is to teach his son how to be a man and his daughter to accept nothing less.
TomLoy247 The #NotreDame coaches remain out on the road today and the Fighting Irish will check in with a five-star running back. ... and FYI, per the 247Sports Crystal Ball, I have Notre Dame landing his commitment. The latest: #IrishIllustrated @247Sports College football writer with @247Sports / @CBSSports ... ... The #NotreDame insider ... Committed to and signed with @Carmino25
S3LF_MAD3_WOMAN Sea of Tranquility, Lun @Glinner Y'all need some good old fashioned American revolutionaries over there. But barring that... maybe the Scotch and Irish will do? Self-Made Woman* ✦ Heterodox member of the LGBT+ ✦ Random Tweets of Philosophy and Satire ✦ Pronouns: They're/Gr-r-reat! ✦ *some assembly required.
JacobsInnDublin Dublin, Ireland Ireland is the home of Halloween and "Oíche Shamhna" is nearly upon us. Here is the Irish will be up to, you should join us! Jacobs Inn hostel in the heart of Dublin, Ireland. Great value beds, private rooms, FREE breakfast, FREE walking tours, FREE wifi. No.1 on TripAdvisor
RugbyKino Dublin Irish will keep calm and stun All Blacks, says Earls (via Belfast Telegraph) All the Irish rugby news to be found on the net, from an aul rugger bugger and Leinster fanatic. #andacyclist RTs/links are not endorsements.
DebDeRousse Michigan Every first and third Thursday Stephenie Irish will be putting on a fun, informative, hands on workshop as you all learn Astrology together. The cost for this workshop is $10.00 Founder of Mystical Awakenings Radio, Author, Lecturer, UFO and Paranormal Researcher Spiritual Medium
Patrick10599096 Catalonia, Dublin london Uk @timfarron Sorry - the end of the uk is what the people of the uk put at risk by voting leave in the ref. This has absolutely nothing to do with the rep of Ireland and the Irish will not be scapegoats for british stupidity Forensic Psychiatrist PTSD combat Trauma specialist equality and disability rights- pro European and inclusion- Irish export love the NHS fluent Spanish/German
crescend0lls lavender town/Belfast NI The New IRA are making threats and now I'm scared Brexit will bring back the Troubles and my boyfriend who is actually Irish (not N. Irish) will have to move because it won't be safe for him in East Belfast anymore): ramblings of an actor/daoist/leftist/intersectional feminist avi by @hajin_bae Tweeting mostly about art, disability & mental health awareness. she/her 🌙🌺🌌
mohamed_maghdi Cape Town, South Africa @GSMCHARLIE @AllBlacks Last time do not count for anything at this World Cup! All that matters is that the AB's are homesick and the Irish will make sure that their shackles are loose!😁😁😁 Loosing someone close to you is like having a hole shot straight through you, a painful, constant reminder, an absence that will never be filled again.
popcornhistory Auckland @wordsbyana no there’s been two years of somersaults bc the british govt has assumed that the irish will sort everything out when it’s the brits destroying the gfa, it was the brits who aided loyalist paras and prolonged a war, and it was the brits who colonised another country and forked it Writer, historian, student.
MorelandJo @evolutiondl @JeremyVineOn5 This is the biggest act of preventable national self harm in history. What do we have that the EU wants from us?! Look at the maths. We are one country (Scots and Irish will leave soon) against 27 other countries. Political activist £4.50 Lidl Champagne Socialist
wfredm South Africa, Cape Town Have to go with at least one upset at the #RWC2019 quarterfinals this weekend and the most likely one for me seems #IREvNZL. You just know the Irish will be up for it. Reader, sports fan,and proud South African who likes fish too much.
DavidCorner18 @NZRugbyHeaven so he is picking the Irish will be upset and crying when the allblacks win Bob and I at home

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