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pigeon_island Keep on trying for the massive forecast in handicaps and getting closer. Winners but not 2nds both days so far (William Henry earlier) and here we go again and sure Irish will dominate the Fred Winter 🐎Twitter Horse Racing Tipping Competition🐎#CheltenhamSwoop4 sponsored by @Josh_HW @proform_racing🐦THU 14 MARCH🐦@CheltenhamRaces 130 210 250 410 #QualifiersOnly
YidTel north london So it begins 🤦‍♂️ the Irish will be on this big time season ticket holder whl , coys yidarmy ,love to travel, boxing , wife and the kids
andy67_mac @Peston @michaelgove If there is a “No Deal” the Irish will have to close the border . The 2001 foot and mouth scare was caused by British herbivorous animals , being fed contaminated illegal meat , from outside the EU . Ireland’s trade is almost solely agricultural and it must protect its industry
RPritt Charleston, WV Irish will lose 10 seniors... Pretty big number, especially for a Class A school. #wvprepbb Prep sports writer for the Charleston Gazette-Mail.
GetWahl Carnegie, PA How to Know You're Pushing Your Luck with Your Heating System: The luck of the Irish will only get you so far when it comes to your AC. Family owned and operated since 1980. We are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service, ethical business practices, and quality craftsmanship.
Buddyspetsstore Brattleboro, VT All this month we are having a sale and a raffle. All our collars. harnesses, and leashes are 20% off and we will be raffling off a new Illuma collar and matching leash on St Patrick's Day! So for one lucky pup the luck of the Irish will be with them. 🐶🐱🐰🐦🍀 A VT based family owned pet store with special attention to quality goods with many local suppliers. Custom portraits.
Leesa_Byrnes 113 Railroad Ave Sayville, NY This Weekends Open Houses with Leesa Byrnes Realty... maybe the luck of the Irish will find you a new home ☘️ 🏡 ☘️ Call for More Details 631-589-2000 Link to Website in Bio #buy #sell… 631-589-2000
ant_antonelli Camp 6 @bazkennedy @gemmaod1 It's Sweden you eejit. Hardly a Scandinavian person to welcome the tourists. Are tourists to Saudi Arabia welcomed by little pale ginger virtue signalling leprechauns like you? Wait till #ireland2040 starts to kick in. See how the "new Irish" will treat you in your own land 😉 Roman in the gloamin'
Ross_Lafferty Paisley, Scotland James Cleverly on the "honesty box" border in Ireland, and the prospect of tariffs being avoided by clever Europeans flying into the Republic before heading to the North, responds by effectively saying the Irish will need to take care of it 🤦🏻‍♂️ Interested in Sports, Law, Education, Health and Politics, among other things | TBI survivor | Views my own, RTs not endorsements, etc
ct1003 United Kingdom And a step towards the fragmentation of the union, the Scots won't be satisfied, the Irish will start fomenting again, the lunatics have taken over Using the power of Pure Thought(tm) personal opinions may be mine and not somebody else's
OyyyeeeCorito86 Louisville, KY Buenos Dias Tweeps, Rappers (welcome back @TheIssaRAP), Pitweetos, MACKheads, & WALZoholics. It's gameday @LouisvilleMBB! No luck of the Irish will keep us from 20 wins tonight. ☘🔴⚪⚫🐔🏀#ACCTourney #GoCards #L1C4 #LsUp #Birdgang4Life #DieHardCard #BattleRapEnthusiast #AngryFanRadioCoHost #BTF #OneWittyMFer #AFM #AFR
ObeseManRowing Newbury-Tokyo @Redsculler @TheCumbercat Oh are you Irish? Will you marry me? Desperately #needapassport over this #brexitshambles😜 Organising, coaching & writing about 🏊 🚴 🏃& 🚣for 35+ years. Now time to do something myself: rowing 9.6 million metres on an erg to Tokyo 🇯🇵in time for 2020!
robert_neal Germany @weejockmaley did you hear? No customs duties at the Irish-North Irish border. Goods must be cleared only if they go from NI to the rest of the UK. Smuggling will flourish and the northern Irish will become rich 😂 I may disapprove of what you say, but I will defend unto the death your right to say it!
lordofparis Birmingham - UK @Judy_Cockerton @witchhusband @GarinCFC1905 @SpotTheLoon2010 @AnitaTweetah @ReBourneAgain @bigbird432 @TheWrestleHub @gentillezombie @Britanniacomms @AFC_Gunner_Andy @QAtarisho @SteveBrookesMBE @blackcountry @7DaysOfBoxing + the Cheltenham festival, Judy. Ipswich not going without giving a fight. A bit too late I suppose but head up at least. St Patrick's day is great in Brum. Win or lose the 6 Nations, the Irish will party for sure. I want Wales to win, they deserve it. Arsenal fan. News, sports, gossips. Conservative catholic. Diagnosed with GAD. Sense of humour.
mathunt71 United Kingdom @BBCBreaking I'm sure the Irish will be thrilled about the prospect of cheap and poor quality goods being smuggled across their border into the EU. Can't see the EU allowing that to happen. Proud Scot. Married a Sassenach & now living in England. Have kids. Want us ALL to have a good, safe, and happy life. All views/comments are my own.
ClodaghSnarks @willboyes @BBCBreaking And the Irish will end up having to impose a hard border to deal with the inevitable multi million pound smuggling trade that will spring up the second the UK starts importing goods below EU standards. I dip into Twitter every now and then. Snark about the things you cannot change, change the things you can. I don’t sweat pronouns. Just let me know yours.
Spooky_Meerkat Botswana "We Irish will never achieve anything, but we are the greatest talkers since the Greeks."—Oscar Wilde What does the meerkat say?
BDuffy76 Los Angeles, CA @co_fizzle @BarstoolIrish @CallMeKwood Sorry if you lost money on them. Nobody thinks the Irish will win the ACC, but there's probably a better use of time than disouraging an Irish fan site from cheering on their team and hoping for the impossible to happen.
SquareDeal_NY Queens, NY The Irish will turn out tonight at Saint Gregory’s as the guys n gals set the table! Happy St Patrick’s Day @SaintGregorysNY Don’t forget to us at on March 24th as we welcome @CLewandowski_ @David_Bossie @frankmorano The mission of Square Deal Committee is to advance American Life through education and improved civic awareness. Doesn't Everyone Deserve a "Square Deal"? 😀
SHCathletics San Francisco, CA Vars Baseball FINAL: SHC 4, Valley Christian 11. Irish will host Archbishop Mitty on Friday at West Sunset! Watch Sacred Heart Cathedral athletics at Go Irish!
pigworker Glasgow, Scotland It's important to understand how a United Ireland can happen and who makes it happen. If you're not Northern Irish, it's not you. If you're not Irish at all, it's not you at all. Delusional English idiots who imagine that the Irish will freely choose to help them can do one. If I have seen further, it is by drilling through the shoulders of giants.
Kilsally Co Tyrone, N Ireland, UK @cottageireland @LADFLEG @HansMaessen @CapacityNow Well looks like the Irish will have to do the EU's bidding as the UK are opting for an "honesty box" solution with no checks on ROI goods coming into NI CCTV ARC Technical Manager. Christian, Orangeman. Pro Life. Scottish Conservative & Unionist member. Eurosceptic. Libertarian. Tech & Sci Fi geek. Husband & Dad
Steve__Clare California, USA @kilgoresprat @padster1976 @Steven_Swinford On the bright side, the UK will break up and the Scots and Northern Irish will be able to go back in Founder of @prostsoccer, lover of the beautiful game however also Partick Thistle fan.
cllrtrisosborne Medway Nice to see @Conservatives flinging taxpayers money at problem. Billions which could be spent on public services now being used as a cheap bribe; also suspect Irish will never agree anyway. Councillor for Luton & Wayfield #chatham . Opposition spokes for Policing + Community. Recovering @uklabour PPC. Secondary school teacher.
SPECNewsROC Rochester, NY The luck of the Irish will be in Rochester this weekend as thousands celebrate St. Patrick's Day, but there's a special place in Webster where it's a party year-round. @WendyMillsTV reports. #ROC Spectrum News offers the best 24-hour local news coverage in Rochester plus weather, sports and your favorite features.
KensingtonRoyal London, UK The Duke of Cambridge, Colonel of the @Irish_Guards, accompanied by The Duchess of Cambridge, will visit the 1st Battalion Irish Guards at the #StPatricksDay Parade on Sunday 17th March. The official account of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex and their Royal Foundation, based at Kensington Palace.
joncstone Brussels Nothing about tonight’s package changes the fact that at the end of the transition period, the UK will be entering and staying in the Irish backstop, unless it negotiates something resembling a customs union and single market access. Europe Correspondent at @Independent
BBCBreaking London, UK The UK will cut tariffs and not introduce new controls on the Irish border in the event of a no-deal Brexit Breaking news alerts and updates from the BBC. For news, features, analysis follow @BBCWorld (international) or @BBCNews (UK). Latest sport news @BBCSport.
xobrvndyyy @adrivnzen I hope you got your Irish car bomb, If not then your birthday will be Saturday amigo😇 ! snap: bra_ndeezy
nadeemansary Liverpool, England If MPs did vote for a no-deal Brexit, the UK will scrap 87% of tariffs and refuse to set up Irish border checks. Without import tariffs, many British manufacturers and businesses would struggle to compete with cheap imports. #DigitalMarketing & #GDPR Consultant, Award GDPR, #SageTop100 2017, Fellow @TheIDM, Fellow CIM, @CambridgeJBS Alum, Founder @DoLocalDigital
raf1955 rotherham Michel Barnier letting the cat out of the bag. He said that when it comes to the Irish border if there’s a No Deal: “We will have to find an operational way of carrying out checks and controls without putting in place a border.”
racheloc Galway, Ireland With this investment, Valeo's Irish R&D centre will grow to over 500 people and become one of the largest R&D facilities in Ireland. Complex,interesting,fun and above all a dog lover!!
racheloc Galway, Ireland With this investment, Valeo's Irish R&D centre will grow to over 500 people and become one of the largest R&D facilities in Ireland. Complex,interesting,fun and above all a dog lover!!
PaulGleesonIRL Aislinn, our Deputy Head of Mission, with the exciting news ahead of #StPatricksDay2019 that our Emb website is now live at and that @IrlEmbChile will be open by appt to the public in our temp offices from next Tues #GlobalIreland #working4irl @dfatirl Ambassador-designate of Ireland to Chile
duiroak64 San Francisco, CA @disco_socialist From Irish ancestry here and if I take my shirt off under a black light I will BLIND you I am so white. And these people are forking idiots. I hate most people. Queer to the core. I have no pronouns. If you want to talk about me say it to my face bitch (I stole this 'cause I thought it rocked)

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