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SHCathletics San Francisco, CA Getting ready for Softball Senior Day! Today we celebrate our seniors Visa Hughston, Keira Lewis, and Willow Daters as the Irish will take on St. Ignatius #HeartOfTheCity Official Twitter account for Sacred Heart Cathedral Athletics. Go Irish!
MackerRonald Dublin City, Ireland @MarmaladeMax @realworldbusin2 @PaulTreyvaud @CMOIreland When do you think the Irish will realize this🤣? Well it took them 10 years to realize vulture funds were a problem and operating here so God knows 🤣 Im an idiot but atleast I know I'm an idiot... That's half the battle, the other half is dealing with people that haven't realized it yet.
BHSSportsMarke3 WE'RE GOING LIVE! Tonight's soccer game featuring your Benton Cardinals taking on the Lafayette Fighting Irish will be streaming LIVE on the Benton Sports Marketing Facebook page! AND THAT'S NOT ALL .... The game starts at 5:00 PM at Sparks Field! #CardStrong
robbiejdunne Madrid, Spain Between Johansson from Mullingar and John Joe Patrick Finn Benoa from Ballyhaunis, the Irish will take over LaLiga in the next few years. Irish sports journalist in Madrid writing for @English_AS. Mi corazón está en Vallecas. Amateur flâneur. Data Science student.
petermarchbold @JimAllister @JamieBrysonCPNI The Irish language Act just like the Irish Protocol will have to be implemented in the six counties and furthermore assembly members who don't speak Irish will have a choice of employing an interpreter or attending the Donegal Gaeltacht to learn the language.
lighthouseahoy Carrickfergus @MichaelETenner @Tims_Pants @PaulPJB @haveigotnews See Yes Minister on identity cards (writing on the wall, 1980): -Sir Humphrey says the “Germans will love it, the French will ignore it and the Italians and the Irish will be too chaotic to enforce it. Only the British will resent it”. Just standing around waiting for three midlife crises to come at once.
UberVoop Somewhere in America @PQuinlanNP Serfdom right around the corner. Back to the good old days of the 18th and 19th century. The IRish will be happy in their minimalist poverty. Just your average run of the mill furfen. And for all the NON-furry fans out there, as well as the furry haters....WE RULE YOU! 🇺🇸☘️🦊
RichardOClear1 Irish Midlands Only 30K houses to be completed this year and next. So Irish will have to outbid both tax exempt REITs and the government buying units and giving own door accommodation to amnestied illegal migrants and other blow-ins. #housingcrisis @DarraghOBrienTD Businessman, likes the countryside. Former SocD member until I realised my nation was worth more then woke liberal capitalism
tess0405 ireland @Muaied66 @olafapijl @ptsdftme @mehdirhasan is irish will forever stand by the people of Palestine.We know all too well what it’s like to have our land homes and culture stolen. #FreePalestine #SaveSheikhJarrah
ThisWeekFrank Columbus, OH Just met with @dublinsciototf distance runners Trevor, Bryce, and Reece Page for an upcoming story. The Irish will compete in the OCC-Capital meet this week and district meet next week. @sciotoathletics @bpagecbus Sports writer, ThisWeek News, Columbus, OH
barry_bassline @JibberjabberB @Rbadge @minnyshell The justice system needs to do it's job And as lots of Irish will tell you it's far too soft I think anti social behaviour orders would have a pretty dramatic effect on behaviour in Ireland Violate them your immediately in prison or youth detention Bassline Merchant
JoeHorse2021 Houston, TX @TheGingerarchy @shoe0nhead So the Irish will do anything to get rid of the homeless is what you meant to say- clarity is key. Being from Philly can cloud that- and that’s not jumping to a conclusion, that’s from (unfortunately) living there and understanding the population #bluecheckslose Born & bred in NYC; Yankees and NY Jets fan. Lean right, and sometimes lean left- but always stay centered.
ChrisRic1984 United Kingdom @RMPaul6 @DavidMc10312340 @GillKFerguson You say Scots? Many Scots will have no say on the referendum and many English, Welsh & Irish will, because its purely based on location and not whether people are actually Scottish or not.. New here. Floating through Twitter wondering what the hell's been going on. 🇬🇧
FalconsRugby Kingston Park, Newcastle, UK 37) Schreuder with a lovely top-spinning kick into coffin corner, and Irish will feed a lineout near their own line. Falcons 14 Irish 8. The official Twitter page of Newcastle Falcons, North East England’s only Gallagher Premiership rugby union club.
frank___7 West Midlands, England @millymoo97 @mecca_88 @stehewy @toryboypierce Ahhh! But the Irish will surely see sense and get out of the EUSSR and back to the bosom of the beneficent motherland!🙃☘️ Vacuum of Integrity - Piccaninnies Watermelon-Smiles Wake up! Give a Damn! Don't vote for craps. #FBPE #forktheDUP
BelfastDee ulster @marktigheST The only way a peaceful progressive United Ireland can ever be achieved, is for it to rejoin the UK as an equal partner and not as a minority stake holder. The EU will collapse and the Ireland will have no where to turn. Unfortunately the hate from the Irish will prevent it
BarneyT Ireland @PastorJimberoo3 @DarranMarshall Fully agree personally. I'm not a big flag waver myself but just think nationalism (British and Irish) will crape themselves without one. I cannot abide people that fail to listen. love life with the knickers down.... which is mostly a metaphor.
IrishTimes Ireland JWT closure a blow, but ‘the Irish will be the first back into Lourdes’ Diverse opinion, thorough reporting and outstanding writing from plus RTs of our journalists. Customer service team is @IrishTimesHelp.
dmddeb Central Illinois #WMPitch When the leprechauns lose their gold, they ask their fairy cousins for help. If they don’t find their gold by the end of St. Patrick’s Day, they’ll turn into humans and the luck of the Irish will be lost. Will they find their gold in time? #CB Children's author, #SCBWI_IL rep for the Springfield area, #YA -THE DRAGON'S RING, 3 #PBs w/2023 release dates, Mama to 2 dogs, she/her
tonyburton10 All who left Labour coz of Corbyn were always tories in disguise. Youve not only destroyed Labour but the country too. Also sold the country out. We are now a little island of nobodies. The world is laughing at us the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish will be better if without us.
GerardOwens16 @NationalPartyIE Exactly, in Future plays on RTE with have Patrick Pearse as a Sudanese man, and we will get lectures about how many 'new Irish' will be TD'S, civil service, and all must reflect Syrian islamic culture etc, etc. View personal, free speech protected by Irish constitution which my grand relatives fought for. .
ObserverSports Notre Dame, IN .@NDXCTF is preparing for its biggest outdoor meet of the year. The Irish will travel to Raleigh, NC for the ACC championships May 13-15. We are the sports department of @NotreDame's independent, student-run daily newspaper, @NDSMCObserver. Email sports[at]ndsmcobserver[dot]com with tips/feedback.
FirBob22 Wirral and Liverpool - mostly Remember those pejorative jokes about the Englishman, the Scot and the Irish? Will they now be updated to someone from Chester, Leeds and Hartlepool? #HartlepoolByElection Economic & Political Scientist, #FBPE Pro Europe, You could say slightly leftish......Hate cults. #LFC season ticket for forty years.
IAmCathyLynn Washington, DC @urihersz Let me help you understand what I wrote. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Maps say one thing Britons and the Irish will say another. She said Europe. So not counting the UK, it’s only Malta IN EUROPE. 🤦🏻‍♀️. Thanks for mansplaining though. 👍🏽 Veteran. Musician. Texican. Aunt to many. Secular humanist. Animal lover, esp. cats. I'm just me and I don't have an agenda.
stephenmcdine Gateshead Newcastle @nicktolhurst France has the 4 th strongest miliatry in the world, UK down to 7th i believe, and then the turncoat scots and Irish will gang up on Engalnd too! Good IFA, Christian, Newcastle, Scuba , Football, Skiing , family .Blessed
MoreScooters ::1 @fiondavision don't worry, they'll brexit it up so bad that the irish will be fighting again and you won't even have to worry about the french. devoops engineer, unrepentant crapposter, elixir buttonpusher
ChrissiWilde @Nigel_Farage And Monsieur @Nigel_Farage de la France regrets Brexit. He saida few hours ago the Scotch and Irish will leave GB! Liebe Leute laßt Euch auf fröhliche Tweets mit mir ein, und ihr werdet es nicht bereuen.
princessramonov Luck of the Irish will save me along as i stay with it and keep my faith in God.... It's yanez initiative needed a sacrifice to feed Diablo... Give him your damn wife and piss off i am the cat's meow... accept it
alexpire Edinburgh @thepenGW Don’t think the Irish will feel that pleased, especially in the backs. No Earls , Ringrose or Sexton. We’ve done well and the welsh are over subscribed for a pretty ordinary team. Love Cycling, Rugby, Music, France, Scotland, Food/Wine....
GoIrishXC Lancaster, Ohio Track season is always fast and furious. Tomorrow night our Irish will take to the track at Liberty Union for our last regular season meet. Let’s make it a good one! Fisher Catholic XC/TF updates and news ☘️2017/2018/2019/2020 Boys XC League Champs ☘️ 2020 Girls XC League Champs ☘️2019 Boys & Girls Track League Champs
Diarmui65870978 @sundersays I’ve been wondering for some time how people who are British citizens but are not ethnically English, Scottish, Welsh or Irish will position themselves as the U.K. fractures and the final days of British nationality approach? 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺
UlsterArtist County Fermanagh @long_friday @AlexKane221b @BelTel You specifically referred to those who identify as 'Northern Irish' and that is the part of your tweet that I question. Are you seriously suggesting that people who currently identify as 'Northern Irish' will be more likely to vote to end the Northern Ireland State? Art, Politics, Travel
Budgie49004312 North Belfast @daera_ni @duponline @DiscoverCAFRE @edwinpootsmla @Economy_NI @UFUHQ @ANBorough @MidUlster_DC @Food_NI @niexecutive @AFBI_NI @TVconormac @NIOgov @robbeorn @dptfinance Mr DUP leader what are you mad backward thinking hypocrite loyalist going to say to Joe Biden when he comes for a visit? Biden is a IRISH REPUBLICAN lol he's going to love Jim allister Are you just going to rant about SF and anything Irish?? Will the DUP be at the protest The ballymurphy families have shown the whole world. The British Army were the real terrorists
LachlanMacNeil Scotland, United Kingdom Johnny Sexton won’t get selected for The Lions tomorrow, “The Irish” will implode, and I’ll buzz at that ☺️ @GlasgowWarriors @scotlandteam @lionsofficial