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Ultiworldlive New York, NY This point is much uglier than most of the points so far. An Irish turn, a Swiss floaty hammer somehow works and they eventually score. The Irish will be frustrated after that one. 8-8 The live tweeting account of @Ultiworld. Keeping the spam out of your feed.
Fecks16 @rtenews And the Irish will suffer in the renegotiations. Nothing surer than that. We will be sold down the river by the corrupt political class. Seriously, I've had enough of the spoofers and parasites who purport to represent us. Rise up.
Paul_M_Craig Shropshire, UK @marilynholnes11 @DavidLammy @BorisJohnson @Jeremy_Hunt Plenty already moved to Dublin .. & sensibly so. Locals have nicknamed the shiny new financial centre streets Rees Mogg road and Boris boulevard. The Irish will in the end come out the stronger from this... & They'll deserve it. 30 years in tech & still loving it. Girls Footie cheerleader & Family man. Night owl, Campervan geek in search of perfect beach sunrise. Fervent No. 12 #GOHAWKS
HSSportsNowMI Michigan, USA (2/3) before jumping into League play against Detroit Loyola. The big test comes in week 7 when the Irish will pack up and go to Divine Child. Their weakest game in my opinion comes in week 9 when the Irish go to Pontiac. Expect the Irish to win that game by 20+. The hardest game All HS Football and Basketball updates from Washtenaw, Wayne and Monroe Counties in Southeast Michigan. Schools and reporters can tag me and I’ll Retweet it.
BuzzSheen @nornirishfella @frontal_bow @JanekDaw @Jacob_Rees_Mogg @BorisJohnson The Northern Irish will have their democratic rights restored, so they can elect, hold to account and remove their lawmakers instead living under EU dictatorship as they do now. What could possibly be more important than that?
sean_on_thelow Nashville Before anybody in Washington thinks about bringing us up, the Irish will not be a shield for your racist thoughts and ideas. Leave us out of it Former Buffalo Bills linebacker All things Noles,Jags,Tampa Bay lightning,Magic
Booze_Fags_Mags Ireland @AnDrEw_Prouse @at_revenge @spectator Yeah I suppose sloppy is unfair but I stand by my comments on the tone deaf nature of the debate and the fact that they really didn't emphasize any arguement other than the one saying the Irish will fall into line once the economics become clear. It's like 2016 all over again Git Surfer
irishdave53 Dublin City, Ireland @JacquelBenson @LangtryDavidSQ The DUP and loyalists want the border up, I thought that was obvious🤷🏻‍♂️ you said in an earlier tweet that full separation was needed. But the Irish will never allow the putrid sectarian orange statelet to ever raise its head again. You do understand that, don’t you?
TObservor @Andy_MurrayFFT Your tweet is an exercise of setting up your own targets to shoot down? In case you didn’t know New Zealand and Barbados are not in EU so UK can have any immigration towards those counties independent of EU. The Irish will also continue to enjoy save movement rights Political Observer Sheffield - Voted Remain but oppose 2nd referendum There has already been a “People’s Vote” I lost. Would now Vote Leave.
MichaelKeith AUSTIN, USA @IrishTea1 Put the twitter down Donald and walk away. Irish will he ever stop this sort of stirring up the hornets nest? I like Corvettes, Jeeps, Dogs, Airplanes, murdercycles and Rock~n~Roll. I'm in the middle just a little left of the right. #ProLife #Pro2A #ProEarth
Gorm_is_Or Ireland @J_MarshallDavis @Roll_Tide_Roll_ @slmandel The NFL has become increasingly popular in the UK and Ireland and we get five live games each week (we only got the SB live in my younger days). CFB, however, is much more niche. Though Dublin has hosted 4 games since 2012. And the Irish will be back next August to face Navy. Notre Dame CFB and Washington Redskins NFL fan from Ireland ☘️🇮🇪
ninja_chaacha where the bar is A NZ born and English born batted 6 balls in the super over. A Barbadian bowls the super over, South African runs Guptil out and an Irish will lift the World Cup for England; without England winning the World Cup Finals. #CWC19
BaliMumbaSZN @BlissBahre The welsh will say that it’s England and Wales (which it is) the Irish will say Morgan is Irish (which he is) and the Scottish will complain and be irrelevant like they always have been #SAFC FT account
pranavhkul Can England ever win any World cup in any sport without controversy? Kings of unfair and unsporting play! Feel sad for the Kiwis! So a Barbadian won them the game and an Irish will lift the cup! So not made in England win! :P #CWC19Final
aakashkulkara West Indian bowler at rescue and an Irish will lift the world cup for England! Go BREXIT!! #bestcricketworldcupofalltimes Well played New Zealand!! Deserving winners but England will win this one due that one overthrow!!! #nondeservingteamwon
olagbemide1 Nigeria @Kae1Manelisi @dripboyyy Yea I did but it's not the best way jhawe cause after you successfully take away the salt and Maggi then you have to start another process of taking the sweetness the Irish will cause so better no go that long way. Python~Programmer💻// Django~For ~BackEnd💻//Web~developer💻//Man%United%Fan.
VincentH112 Ireland @childs_jessie @sixteenthCgirl @simonmontefiore @simon_schama True, but this is an aspect of English society. It's only a matter of time before the Irish will be back in the frame and the Jews left alone. Qu'on me donne six lignes écrites de la main du plus honnête homme, j'y trouverai de quoi le faire pendre.
JacobiteJolly Canada 🇨🇦 Every day I wake up and wonder if this is they Day the Irish will get me. Byzantine Catholic • Canadian Patriot • pro western secession • Nicker Nation • Monarchist • Zoomer 🇻🇦
pnolan99 Galway @fionnansheahan This is exactly what we've been warned about. By 2020 the Irish will be in the minority. Hurling will be no more, replaced by lacrosse and boules Hang sangidges dead to the world, all we'll have is halal panininis As for 20 major, it'll be hashish pipes Stop the influx 😜 Cardiac Physiologist in Galway University Hospitals. Married, four cats, two horses and a dog called Boo...#AndACyclist. All views are mine alone
michaelpholland Ireland @alanmendoza Why do morons like you with apparently some form of education say such idiotic things? You feel threatening the Irish will work? You know something do yourself a favour and save your family and friends the embarrassment and don’t go on TV again - you really are pathetic!!!
dommyjonny11 Dublin City, Ireland @BradburyMaureen @instituteforgov Well yes, unless of the the NI assembly is up and running , then they effectively rule themselves, BUT without EU standards.BUT given that citizens born in NI can claim to be Irish or British. The Irish will want to be under EU rules ect, Brexit is a mess tbh Irish and proud. Unfortunately a lot of americans and some canadians have no clue about Ireland or St Patrick
ShutTheBorder @Wind_air @bigfootsmelytoe @gemmaod1 @SrTz7Yo3O6SqGpq Unfortunately whart we are is a national of what's in it for me the the politicans know, essentially do what you want just throw an extra fiver on the social and the Irish will shut up. Our forefathers fought hard for this country only for the current generation to be bought
JimBranagh3 Belfast, Northern Ireland @richardtgarland If we go anywhere in the world we get asked the same, are you Irish will you say this and that... 33, dirty Dublin etc scotch women love the accent apparently 🥴
DinasDevil Breizh / Cymru It’s really something special, isn’t it. Maybe, one day, the Irish will discover Twitter - perhaps even catch a stray BBC transmission drifting over their (open) Border, and heaven forbid,they might even hear twats like this speak of their malevolent, imperial plotting! Maybe? 🇪🇺Europhile, Whovian & 👽UFO 'expert' fascinated by 🚀space, the 🌌universe & what's out there. Atheist. 🏒Cardiff Devils' fan. Dinas P & Scrignac #RedArmy!
SamuelJohnsnon Ireland @AnthonyJohnG @JamesKanag @DouglasCarswell The Irish will not accommodate compromise of the GFA unless compelled to do so. They and the EU will negotiate with the next UK govt after the collapse of this one. Ireland will be in a position to veto any UK EU trade deal. Patronize away, won't change a thing.
tims50ave_tim @andrew_lilico The Teashop is still spouting his EU ordered self harm. We Brits have long memories and Eire needs our goodwill to survive, the EU have just this week seriously damaged their farming industry. The Irish will come to regret electing this nonentity. Dedicated to democracy. Freedom of speech. An independent Britain. very anti leftist.
fmacn @bellaforalba @lumi_1984 @BanockburnTruth @MirrorAlison And how about us? What will we do to secure our freedom? The Irish will not be ruled. And Scotland?? just say it
nickyewa Nairobi, Kenya If y'all keep this up, Njambi Irish will be featured in Ellen DeGeneres Show... with a narrative of how; africans are a hostile bunch, she fears going back home to the 'Motherland' and she needs help to reach out to her family in Murang'a The 4th Stooge... It's either madness or brilliance! Mobali ya Esengo #Gooner
bwa_aptos Monterey Bay, California @KapilGuptaMD @naval This is an extremely hard lesson for Irish descendants to learn. IT IS VITALLY IMPORTANT! While Irish will treat each other well, others will walk all over them if we are humble, so DO NOT! As a result, I drive a Mercedes now, and I know it's not to show off, because everyone I like logic, reason, and improvement. Therefore, liars try to silence me often. PGP:58D8951DCA5F00CD6D42DB2AC5C853D99F793813
BetsyBasset @DarranMarshall Yep sure the northern Irish will only be too happy to be threatened and telt what to do by Little englandshire. Won’t they? Great Scotland. Big enough. Smart enough. Rich enough & more than capable enough. Scottish people are sovereign.Any views & opinions shared are purely personal.
wpp43 Norwich Norfolk @nickynoo007 They have tried murder, executions and starvation in the past. The IRISH will never wear kissing English bottom again 🇮🇪🇨🇦🇬🇧🇪🇺 Republican, Christian, Socialist. Love NCFC. Matthew 25:45 is the reason for NOT voting TORY
lorcsbyrne Dublin City, Ireland @DarranMarshall Few pounds and a couple belts round the head and the Irish will fall in line. Did this fella just crawl out of a trench Sports fan with an interest in politics
PMick2020 @Ire201261 @fionamflanagan1 Well if agenda 30 goes to plan the irish will be an minority in their own country and the old and disabled will b throwing on the scrap heap. Open your mind the truth is staring you in the face.....GET INFORMED GET EDUCATED GET SMART.
reallifeofjq Queens, NY @Deirdriu @LoversAlibis @nowthisnews @AOC Keep writing in the dying language due to British migration and control of your home country. What happened to the Irish will not happen to us Americans. Army Strong (Reserve). American Black & White. Constitutional Conservative. Future Politician.
Lurganrebel Ireland will NEVER welcome the UDA or staunch Loyalists. We will tolerate them until the Garda Task force arrests all their leaders and the Irish Goverment jail all Loyalist criminals. The Irish will in effect free protestants from Paramiltary rule in the 6 counties. Celtic and Liverpool. 26+6=1 Old school Lurgan Republican. Caustic. Don't give a fork. I say it as I see it.
muers4444 West Midlands, England @CierenFallonJr @cowellracing hes like a jockey who rides like a pro loved his dad and all the fallons irish will be oh so proud villa hartlepool fan love racing and black white films and comedy specially laurel n hardy trex live on
OrpheusEU Brussels @DarranMarshall Dear Alan Mendoza of the "Henry Jackson Society", The Irish will have a swift, simple and clear response to this approach, I'll let you guess what it might be. Dear BBC, There are lots of people with different views, but could you please dispense with the freak show. Brussels-based freelance journalist. OrpheusEU offers expertise and analysis on EU issues.
adaliabooks Scotland, Europe @DarranMarshall I think you'll find the Irish will be unreceptive to that approach and will tell you to fork off. 🇮🇪🇮🇹🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇪🇺
lazaroumterror London Does he not think the Irish will see this and give his "clever" little game away? Transhumanist, Future Martian,Invisible Bisexual Progressive,Geek, Ad Astra Mofo with Glastonbury Mojo Husband to @rachey_babez201
mikewallace63 Kirkcaldy, Scotland The arrogance and sense of entitlement that spews out of these brexiteers is stomach churning. I doubt very much that the Irish will bow to threats or bribes from the likes of this arse. #Brexit #BrexitShambles #endlondonrule #DissolveTheUnion #yes #indyref2 Husband father brother uncle cousin and supporter of Scottish independence....and former drummer with The Bel Airs.
Prince_Troyard Hollywood Arts Highschool I will fight any Irish Person (South Philly) Sicilian Born and raised in jersey, trying to prove that Italians are better than the Irish, will fight any Irish person, must be from south Philly. Fight has to happen on 9th and Christian outside Lorenzo’s pizza shirts optional.
KristophPistoph DMV, via Siberi @snb19692 @VeeCee30 @LiamFox If the UK is counting on this No-Count srand-in, for a Prez; there will be famine in the land before he makes a deal. I guess the Irish will have the last and final laugh. Bwahaha! KristophPistoph, the Engry Blek Roshan.
Lurganrebel No. There will be a Reunited Ireland and they can suck it up or fork of back to their beloved Britain where came from. The Irish will not be dictated to by a bunch of inbreds. Those days are over. Celtic and Liverpool. 26+6=1 Old school Lurgan Republican. Caustic. Don't give a fork. I say it as I see it.
RexNorthumbria In Exile @fightcIu8 Ironically the Irish will be singing ‘come out ye blacks and tanneds’ soon. Well hello there fellow dissident ;)
lucklepper England, United Kingdom @dommyjonny11 @DrTeckKhong In Ireland? Really! Wow and you trust these polls. Well as I said, I think the Irish will change their mind when the euro 💶 tanks. Look at the debt refinancing and ECB outlook for Germany... domino effect Always observing. Acting when prudent. Ever developing patience.
NelCastNY NYC/Long Island Notre Dame released their non-conference schedule today. Fighting Irish will host Robert Morris on November 9 and Fairleigh Dickinson on November 26. #NECMBB Cover/tweet about #NECMBB, @LIUBasketball & @LIUwbb. LIU Brooklyn alum. NY bred, Pittsburgh bound. TV tech op free agent. #BlackbirdsForever
MandyLifeboat Newcastle Upon Tyne, England They'll move back when the far right have taken control and turned england into a tax haven. The scots, welsh and northern irish will have left the union by then and will be successful in a union of equal partners - the eu. Screenwriter, interested in mental health, education, art, history, environment and North East England. Concerned citizen of the world. All views my own.
SIMONZEE5 One a traitorous Soros pick. He is an Open Society Socialist anti-Christ Pope. And the Irish will ceremonially choose the next Pope which is why Pelosi is visiting first as she has done. What about Catholic Pence? Does he believe that Catholicism will.lead globalism because Obama
SeanPat31411143 Florida City, FL @gemmaod1 @Lisa__Leavy Look. We get control of the government, stop all welfare supports, and the New Irish will quickly move on to be New British, or the New Swedish, or the New Whoever will give them handouts and their daughters. American and Irish. 99% Irish and 1% Swede. Gulf War Vet. #MAGA #IREXIT Ireland is wherever the Irish are.
CJayFla Somewhere on OS map 47 or 50 @nazarenvm @TheNewEuropean Farage it is. At least us Irish will get reunification, Scotland will get independence and England can get to work sorting out its Racist Problem. Well meaning eejit. Opinions my personal ones, not any org I'm associated with. Always a rookie.

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