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Change The Netherlands, South Africa, Jamaica and dozens of other countries have banned hate preacher Steven Anderson from preaching in their country. Will Ireland follow suit? 12,000 people want to see the country act. The world’s leading civic organizing hub. We empower people everywhere to create the change they want to see.
emlytlly WEY/BOS when will Ireland finally get it together and send Dermot Kennedy to win back our honor at Eurovision everybody’s free to wear sunscreen
janeohlmeyer Dublin City, Ireland A special evening @AmericanChamber @RIAdawson annual innovation awards. Only with appropriate funding for outstanding basic frontier research @IrishResearch and our HEIs @IUAofficial @THEA_Irl will Ireland be a leader in research & innovation #AmChamRIA #LoveIrishResearch Erasmus Smith's Professor of Modern History @tcddublin | Director @TLRHub | Chair @IrishResearch | #Hubmatters #LoveIrishResearch
aislinn_sherwin Following our Climate emergency declaration in the Dáil last week, when will Ireland take action? This is a public health emergency. Lack of action in HSE alone is shocking - and fixable! ⁦@SimonHarrisTD⁩ Anaesthetist in training, former Physio, sister to awesome person, girlfriend to awesome man, daughter to awesome parents
Samson1176 Ribble Valley, England @StephenTHLD1 @julia_politics Nope, Never in a million years will UK have anything to do with a hard border, neither will Ireland. When are the EU sending the builders and troops in? There’s only six months left? 🤷🏼‍♂️ Tory since forever. Farmer, councillor and Charity Trustee. Loves Europe, not particularly keen on the EU, in fact, it's time to leave......
conormolloy Dublin And wind turbines are NOT the #1 threat to birds . . . When will Ireland (all of us) start treating wind the same way we treat grass (aka beef)? A huge energy supply to replace €3-4.6bn in energy imports. Saving the planet, one fleet at a time since 2005. Manage your energy for profit 📈 & planet 🌍. Climate Reality™ Leader. Love fast jets and cycling sportifs.
This_Feeling in the zone .@calvalouise support @STRANGEBONES in Cardiff, Newcastle, Preston, Liverpool and Leeds this June 📸 @Will__Ireland
Odds4Cricket India Will Ireland End Their Series With Victory Note Against Bangladesh? Tri-nation series getting one step closer to final Who will win this battle? Click here to know more #ODI #IREVSBAN #BANVSIRE #IRE #BAN #cricket OFFICIAL PAGE OF #ODDS4CRICKET IPL and World cup Updates. **Follow Us & We Will Follow Back**
UnaTerraGlobal United Kingdom Will #Ireland become the heart of European business? In this blog, we focus on why Irish centres are becoming so attractive and share our thoughts on why you should consider Ireland if you're looking to expand your footprint into Europe. #GlobalExpansion Your partner for international expansion. We specialise in supporting organisations looking to enter the overseas markets.
DerekMc1964 In front of the competition @hackertedj10 @brexit_politics Funny how they don't think independence would happen if the UK remained in the EU but if they leave so will Ireland, Wales, Falklands, Gibraltar and Scotland some willingly others given away,,,, think on! Father, Husband, Business Development Professional.
Penyrheolgerrig EU A good question one must ask #NigelFarage is what his 21st Century dream of the UK is going to be like. Will Scotland be independent? Will Ireland be reunited? Will Wales remain Labour's pet poodle or will stand and be counted as an independent nation? Cymro sy'n croesawi ohebiaeth yn Gymraeg. One of the 48% who's aware that Brexit is the thin end of the wedge.
DontBluffMe77 Yahweh al akbar ✝️ @BBCNewsNI Will Ireland ban Islam ? Just asking because the Qur'an says do not take the Christians & Jews as friends. 5:51. The Qur'an is the eternal word of Allah and must be obeyed. The Qur'an is full of #Antisemitism @Proud_Kafir610 Crusader ➕ - Islam has no place in the West - #IStandWithExMuslims. - Detest UK & EU Establishment. - #NoDeal #Brexit 🇬🇧#MBGA 🇺🇸#MAGA
Nathan74661857 @mcdee_andy @AnahitaAredvi @IronFelix17 @01jacky01 @MrAlecMoss @UKLabour I meant a vote on reunification And if we leave the EU What Who will build a border Uk won’t Will Ireland?
alberg2841 @BBCNewsNI Will Ireland ban the Muslim preachers expressing anti-gay and anti-semitic views? i guess so this action has no value.
Change The Netherlands, South Africa, Jamaica and dozens of other countries have banned hate preacher Steven Anderson from preaching in their country. Will Ireland follow suit? 12,000 people want to see the country act. The world’s leading civic organizing hub. We empower people everywhere to create the change they want to see.
damienfarmer @keithwatson90 @Femi_Sorry No Deal has been shown by almost every trade body, industry, government and international report as something that will affect us all negatively. Why do you think it's only 10% of business? And in what way will Ireland change its tune? Are you saying we should renege on the GFA?
TDKJusettes JH: Was that the time when we played the town square? DH: Yeah, and you ordered a McDonald’s from the stage. INT:Was that order delivered over the PA? JH: Yeah, I said, Could someone bring me some fries? - Grab copy of @Guitarist_Mag with The Hawkins shooted by @Will__Ireland The unofficial fanpage for all the Jusettes out there! Run by a devoted fan of the most flamboyant frontman ever #JustinHawkins⚡Also on
PakEducation2 @BBCWorld Will ireland and Scotland continue to be with Europe, after brexit, in 2 months all about Pak Education
Hugh8Fletcher He is right it is the facts and not the personalities that matter. And he would say that his position on the facts is correct, wouldn’t he? But is it? He has also stated that under no circumstances will Ireland build a hard border. Leo Varadkar and the EU have also said the same. There are 220 countries in the world, the UK is economically the 5th largest. Just 28 countries are in the EU. There’s a big wide world out there. 🌎✈️🚢
This_Feeling in the zone #BandOfTheWeek @WeareSaintAgnes talk music legends, new band tips and @ChrisGPackham the "punk rock environmentalist" ☠️🖤 interview in bio May 11 @thegreatescape Jun 13-16 @IsleOfWightFest Jul 25-28 @TruckFestival Oct 16 @jimmysMCR 📸 @Will__Ireland
pandaflop1 Dublin, Ireland @thejournal_ie Will Ireland see more renewable energy investment? Better public transport? No. Will the car tax and tax on fuel go up - you betcha car nut, diy mechanic, electronic engineer, college student, master gamer, metal, tattoos and piercings, i am the boss, the duke of awesome, i am pandaflop
jeremycorbyn UK We must all defend women’s reproductive rights, around the world and closer to home in Northern Ireland. Banning abortions doesn’t end abortions. It ends safe ones. The laws passed in Alabama and other American states are an attack on human rights and will put women in danger. Leader of the Labour Party.
jessphillips Birmingham, England Like in Northern Ireland the threats to doctors of imprisonment will very quickly damage health of women. Bereft by this regression, UK should show the world what progress looks like and decriminalise abortion completely and in so doing undo the abortion laws of Northern Ireland Labour MP for Birmingham Yardley Sordid, Unseemly & Grotesque according to a little man on the internet.
VICE "My greatest fear is that my daughter will have to experience what I went through, and this country will treat her as badly as it treated me." Original reporting on everything that matters.
brendalplummer Derry City If @BreneBrown ever comes to the UK 🇬🇧 or Ireland 🇮🇪 and I get to see her live, that will be a major ✔️ off my bucket list #courageovercomfort #inspirational ❤️🙏 Ulster University Stratified Medicine ...MBA BSc - interested in marketing, leadership and economics.
Irish_Ulster Béal Feirste / Belfast @jimbobbaggins @aboutye1 @DanielCollins85 @KinleyDesmond @AlexKane221b @jediknight1985 @NewtonEmerson This NI colony statelet was undemocratically gerrymandered into existence and rooted in sectarianism that stifles normal politics. The just reunification of Ireland will liberate British Unionists from their self-destructive supremacism & oblige them to embrace equal citizenship. Ulster: 9 county province of Ireland, homeland of the Irish nation (6 counties presently occupied by a foreign British state colonially governing from England)
FplFraud Lambeth, London @stevo_v Wasn't the case for Burnley. Holidays shortened, players will be tired. Traveling to obscure places like Azerbaijan Kazakhstan and Ireland can't be good so early on. #FPL
Gem_rho Northern Ireland @theresa_may as a women yourself and Prime Minister. Will you ever answer for this? The world is up in arms over America’s laws. N. Ireland’s Laws are worse. And yet you do nothing. Nothing when you really could do so much. Brexit is a drop in the ocean compared this. 32. Gin. Music. Books. History. Art in all forms. Life, Live yours.💟🍸#onemoreday
comerfordfoley Waterford, Ireland Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has stated that Ireland will stand firm on the issue of tax sovereignty. But what exactly does that mean for us? Changing how Accountancy services are delivered! Adding value to our clients businesses.
Carolin27967836 @lynnewilson39 @mattgoss Oh Matt my love, I cannot wait till you will play in Ireland in July. Hope to come and see u maybe even meet you Very outgoing. I have lots of likes. have been 2 USA & loved it. been 2 florida, Las Vegas, germany, spain.I love heat. I love walking,writing poetry, & music
FilmMad Sadly, Scotland v Sri Lanka was rained off without a ball bowled, hopefully Ireland and Afghanistan will have better luck tomorrow.
GwReturns Switzerland @SVooDA @SeanMoncrieff @IrishTimes You seem like a nice person and I'm glad you're happy here, but Ireland is not a therapeutic intervention. "Populism" is media shorthand for politicians like Matteo Salvini and Scott Morrison who are responding to the popular will - nothing wrong with that. Back from banishment
KimbellsMowgli @PhilipRucker @Kokomothegreat Go Ireland. If no one else will do it, you step up and be counted. Donald the bully will take his ever dwindling pile of toys and go home. Win-win. Teacher, clinician, voracious reader, someone’s mom, someone’s wife, rebel with a cause.
OJulie777 Suicide hotline numbers 📞 UK & Ireland 🇬🇧🇮🇪 116 123 United States 🇺🇸 1-800-273-8255 Canada 🇨🇦 1 800 456 4566 Philippines 🇵🇭 2919 Australia 🇦🇺 131 114 Someone dies from suicide every 40 seconds. Will you take 1 second to Retweet and maybe save a life?
AManOfEarth Armageddon @crimesofbrits @FighterEmpress 1. These outrages were perpetrated by the UDF whom are STILL an arm of the UK establishment, borne out of Northern Ireland. They will undoubtedly remain unsolved and unprosecuted, as will "Soldier F" from the Bloody Sunday Massacre as will Stakeknife Agent Freddie Scappaticci... The SSBoZFT (Special Snowflake Battalion of Zionist Fascist Tories) attacked Me. I wiped every one of them out. They are all quiet little lambs now. Baaah! 🕺🇮🇪
AlexanderVelky Mynachlogddu / on a train that tweet was missing the word #scoresheet Good luck #Norway who I will PROBABLY be voting for, also #Spain, #Iceland, #Slovenia &#Greece. Comizzles to #Poland, #Hungary #Ireland #Lithuania #Austria #Georgia and #Portugal - really sucks that a lot of the best songs are out :( I am the main songwriter in the non-existent psych-sludge band Neolithic Axe Factory. I play the Dutch Frigate Foghorn. Badly.
alanzfsmith The Celtic Tiger saw an increase in Eastern European building workers who built houses and then lived in them, they didn't return home. If Ireland allows in non EU workers they will be building houses for themselves & the countless asylum seekers already here & who will come. 🇮🇪🐶☘️
trendingpress1 California, USA Will a Documentary Take Down the Polish Government? - - Following sexual-abuse scandals in the United States, Britain, Ireland and Australia, it seems that the Roman Catholic Church may be on the verge of a similar catastrophe in Poland. But whereas t... Get the latest, trending news hot off the press, blogs and original content offering coverage of US politics, entertainment, world news,
DrSlowwTv United States Suicide hotline numbers 📞 United Kingdom 🇬🇧 116 123 United States 🇺🇸 1-800-273-8255 Canada 🇨🇦 1 800 456 4566 Ireland 🇮🇪 116 123 Philippines 🇵🇭 2919 Australia 🇦🇺 131 114 Someone dies from suicide every 40 seconds. Will you take 1 second to Retweet and maybe save a life? Lead For @i7Sanction || Competitive Fortnite Player || Streamer || Twitch || DrSlowwTv || @AggroYoungstar || @Xirthz 🖤 ||
Oghoghoodigie South Dublin, Ireland They will now start with “aw my pretty best friend in Ireland 😍😍 I miss you, do and come back”. So they can show you love in excahneg for something one in a billion, victim of misunderstanding, doesn’t want unnecessary stress(no forks given), highly opinionated woman
mjnokane Canary Islands, Spain @MiamiShowband Let's get real.. The paras and their ilk were murdering psychos who should NEVER have been allowed near Ireland.. No-one will be prosecuted at this late stage.. the english have never respected human life or justice. We will keep telling the truth tho.. It's important! Life-long Socialist. Struggling to have 'fun in the sun'. Persecution of Palestinians and Catalans gnaws at my soul!
jklr_fin Scotland, United Kingdom @WebPresenceIOM @FinancialTimes Yes, been saying that for months now Scotland will go independent, Ireland will reunite and quite possibly Wales will have a go at independence too 🇪🇺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇪🇺 #FBPE
CelticRiderIRE Ireland 'LOOK RIGHT STAY LEFT!!', it's our famous motto when one is riding Ireland on the (ahem), 'wrong' side of the road! Drilled into anyone who will listens head... and stickered onto each of our bikes windscreens.… Celtic Rider Ireland, Ireland's first and largest motorcycle rental company•BMW•Harley•Honda•Indian rentals•Bike hire & tour specialists•Livin' the dream😎
jonnoholywood70 Northern Ireland Ireland's Shame …. They don't claim to be British … Their flags at home and away games will prove that 👍👍 #WeAre CR ST ... Rangers FC, Linfield, Ulster Rugby, Golf ... #LoudenLoyalBeerGarden
BloomsdayDublin Dublin Ireland's best-known Joycean, @SenDavidNorris has been at the heart of Joyce’s Dublin for nearly 60 years. For our #Bloomsday Interview, he will sit down with Irish journalist, @rte presenter and former newsreader Anne Doyle to discuss all things Joyce.
DanInLids Leeds @FOILondon @TrimbyMichael @Tub_Thumperz @Femi_Sorry So for the third time of asking, given that Ireland have said they won’t erect a border and we have said the same thing... ...who will erect a border? Big bald Yorkshire bloke. Scotland for me. Esto Quod Es.
KinsaleArts Cork, Ireland We are so pleased to welcome back professional speech writer and spoken word artist, Cormac Lally to #kinsaleartsweekend2019! This year Cormac will be joined by Cork-born poet, Julie Goo to perform their show "Me, Myself and Ireland." ☘️ An Overview of Me, Myself, and Irela… ✦ 18-21 July 2019 ✦ A unique festival celebrating the arts in #Kinsale #wildatlanticway. Visual art, theatre, music, poetry, history, free events & more! ✧
rosslittle Henley-in-Arden, England @RationalDis @Lauren_Southern And don't give me crap about rape, incest or risk to the mother's health. In these cases abortion should be allowed, not because I agree with murder, but because Ireland has taught us that these women will seek backstreet abortions risking the death of baby AND mother.
BreastCancerIre Dublin Buy a special pink Dianthus at a Country Life Store and €2 will be donated to Breast Cancer Ireland. Tell them @cathyocstylist send you. BCI is a charity set up to raise money for breast cancer research. To donate please go to
Cosbro_Kramer Abortion should be legal and safe. I’ve always been pro-choice, and that will not change. Situations we’re seeing in the US and closer to home in Northern Ireland should not be happening.

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