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cilleinmcevoy Dublin, Ireland ‘Will Ireland then be free?’ says the Shan Van Vocht 'Yes old Ireland will be free from the centre to the sea and hurrah for liberty’ says the Shan Van Vocht #GE2020 Irish. Punk. Film. Actor. |@builttofail_ie|@thenewmusicfilm|
stephentrew Lurgan @OSullivanJennie @ThePaulColton "Many of our most vulnerable locations are where our cities and towns have grown including Dublin, Cork and Limerick... the increased risks from winter flooding are probably the greatest threat that extreme weather poses to this country." Divestment campaigner in the Church of Ireland - blog: Husband, Father, Christ follower, @AlphaCourse leader #TryAlpha. Views my own.
WilliamsJon Dublin, Ireland Two for the price of.... none. UK’s general election turned on #Brexit. Will #Ireland’s? Our Brexit brains-trust weighs-in: @tconnellyRTE, @seanwhelanRTE, @colmomongain on #GE2020.. oh and bonging for Brexit. Managing Director @rtenews. Ex Managing/Foreign Editor @ABC, previously World Editor @BBC. Board member @PressFreedom, runner, bootcamper, traveller, Scouser
irishzionist Ireland @sunshinel353 @LeoVaradkar when will #Ireland have the courage to stand up to #BDS thuggery #Antisemitism #BDS have reintroduced Nazi ideology poisoning our world. @frances_black tutored and prodded by @SadakaIreland is attempting to legalise #Antisemitism in #Ireland Shut Them Down! "if you can't mourn AriFuld you are an accomplice in his murder" 🇮🇪🇮🇱🇺🇸🇬🇧✡️#BringAhlamTamimiToJustice
thebaronvillage Cardiff @This_Feeling @BlossomsBand @O2RitzManc @O2AcademyLpool @Will__Ireland Love the Blossoms. Early doors got them beers in clwb in Cardiff and Charlie put me on guest list when they supported Charlatans in Bristol . Lovely lads Hard working Council Worker, lover of music, live bands and Cardiff City fan, Blue all the way and father of children
This_Feeling in the zone .@BlossomsBand announce two more album launch shows in Feb @O2RitzManc and @O2AcademyLpool preorder & ticket link in bio 📸 @Will__Ireland
damian1971 County Antrim With the RIC debacle behind us and a decade of anniversaries coming up how will Ireland cope with the 20th anniversary of Saipan #civilwar2 likes sports and refereeing sports
Honda_Xrunner Scotland Will Ireland's general election change anything for Brexit? Sent via @updayUK BMW1600GTLE 719option owner, retired at 55 and just enjoying my bike “Strong people define themselves; weak people allow others to define them.” ― Ken Poirot
nisarjan786 southampton uk Will Ireland's general election change anything for Brexit? Sent via @updayUK
BashorunGha Stratford, London Will Ireland's general election change anything for Brexit? Sent via @updayUK Life is great but I wish I had someone to share it with. I miss someome I've yet to meet. I enjoy an uncomplicated life, BBW♥
PeterGrant19 Inverness, Scotland If they see sense. Will Ireland's general election change anything for Brexit? Sent via @updayUK Believe in: Scotland and the UK; Europe not the EU; and Democracy, irrespective of whether I agree or disagree with the decision (no time for those who don't).
378e4b777fa044e Nottingham.England Will Ireland's general election change anything for Brexit? Sent via @updayUK Ambassador for Nottingham CSA: Advocate to other Servivers part off Iicsa Nottingham inquiry
IiiMcgillicuddy Melbourne, Victoria @davidmcw When will Ireland get round to painting all those dirty grey walls, smoothing regional road surfaces and refurbing all those derelict properties, which drives people away from our small towns. For such a rich country, Ireland has some seriously crapty looking towns. Philanthropist, Politico, Purveyor of Bananas in Pyjamas erotica. Putting the world to rights on culture, politics and proper sports. #Melbourne #Politics
Mike_UK_ @llaisonefoedd @BrexitCentral A very good point. And will Ireland still be able to export its Traveller community without restrictions? For UK and England Brexit and for Ukraine Husband, Dad, Brother, drives car and rides mountain bikes and road bikes.
Irishchutzpah Ireland 🇮🇪 This is the U.K. Will #Ireland follow suit or will they pander to those who not only couldn’t care less about Irish Jews but spread smears lies and tropes about us without fear or favour. @CharlieFlanagan @simoncoveney Proud #Irish 🇮🇪 #Jew✡️ no tolerance for anti #LGBTI Blocked by @georgegalloway fighting Antisemitism, Holocaust Revision & Anti-Israel bias No lists
TheHumanSpirit2 Dublin City, Ireland How much fascism will Ireland take before it's people decide to fight back? Counter-protests. Regular cancellation of speakers or events. Pressuring hotels and cinemas into conforming with their views. "Hate-speech" laws. All from "anti-fascist" people. | Writer | Artist | Sovereign Mind | Doubling my efforts to maintain composure in the face of unhindered madness.
fogartyc64 Thurles, County Tipperary. @Murpht01 And they asked George B Shaw to get involved. He declined but said if a group were getting together to plan the Ireland of 1998 they would have his full support. How will Ireland be in 2120? Even 2070 with citizen agenda? #Dreaming Viva the Revolution!
cavi_j1 @fionamflanagan1 Will Ireland wake up and fight back. What will it take !!! France in weekly riots for exactly these policies Vote National Party Erin go Brách ☘☘☘☘☘☘☘ Brexiteer IREXIT Love Europe. Hate the EU !!!!!!
Erekose_On_MaM I continue to follow Brexit and Scottish Independence because I find it very interesting. Intrigued at what will happen next Will Ireland be asking for a devolved Parliament soon? @Sharonsunshiney @MoscoMoon @7evencitiesscot @theSNP @HandsAroundScot
SkyCricket Sky Sports Watch West Indies vs Ireland LIVE on Sky Sports Cricket! 📺 Will West Indies wrap up a 3-0 ODI series sweep? 🤔 Will Ireland earn a consolation win in Grenada? 🇬🇩 The hosts win the toss and BOWL 🏏 SCORECARD 👉 The official Twitter feed of Sky Sports Cricket.
pauldelaney2012 Belfast Ireland 🇮🇪 The republic stands for truth and honour. For all that is noblest in our race. By truth and honour, principle and sacrifice alone will Ireland be free. Laim Mellows #Belfast #Dublin #Cork #Donegal #Ireland Protestant, Catholic & Dissenter ••• Liberty••Fraternity••Equality •• jusqu'à la mort ••• Until death.. Irish unity.. RTs are not an endorsement. 🇮🇪🇫🇷
EmilyWolfeMusic Austin, Texas "The blues-rock singer-songwriter talks pop hooks, the untamed spirit of rock ’n’ roll, and why she's addicted to layering gain" - @TotalGuitar read more: Photo: Will Ireland rock + roll
JohnCleese London And now that Eire is no longer a theocracy, the English will be absolutely delighted if you'll take Northern Ireland back, and unite Ireland, and good luck to the Emerald Isle and all who sail in her, especially the ones who tell me that 'they love a little bit of mischief' Yes, I am still indeed alive, contrary to rumour, and am performing the silly walk in my new app
IrishAirCorps Casement Aerodrome, Baldonnel Check out the PROP on that! Our new fleet of PC-12NG aircraft are making great progress as they begin their 'Test and Evaluation' phase, over the next 4 months each aircraft will be put through its paces before final acceptance in Ireland. #strengthenthenation #joinourteam The official Twitter page of the Irish Air Corps.
SixNationsRugby Four years ago in Dublin and @StuartWHOGG_ scored this wonder try for @Scotlandteam against Ireland. 🤩 Scotland face Ireland in the opening round of the 2020 Championship. Who do you think will win? #GuinnessSixNations The Guinness Six Nations. Rugby's Greatest Championship. Francais: @SixNations_FR Italiano: @SeiNazioniRugby
emeicen London @RuralLeader @NylaNox It might be even bigger shock to you than GDP per capita of ROI is 1.7 times higher than that of the UK. United Ireland will drop from 5th to 8th place, and UK will climb one place up to 25th, but Ireland will still have 1.5 times higher GDP per capita than UK. #RainbowHeart, because we need to heal the divisions. Not with the Tory, UKIP, BXP voters. They are on their own. #RevokeArticle50 #FBPE #BrexitIsaFascistCoup
altaria66056047 I want #PokémonGO friends! I want to achieve worid tourism day quest. I live in Osaka,so I need Kanada,Brazil and Ireland friends! Will you be friends?? Japan/Osaka/friends cord 005796322483 #PokémonGO #PokémonGOBrazil #PokémonGOJapan #PokémonGOKanada I want #PokémonGOfriends like Altaria :) 日本の方も是非フレンドになりましょう😊
Kieran94760427 Dublin If Leo or his party get back into power....more people will die and suffer this government isn't working for the people of Ireland I think Ireland isn't doing enough for animals shelters....animals cruelty is getting worse every year in Ireland and around the world 🐾
CristinaKingdon Yorkshire, England I Wonder who will be next to attempt leaving..? EU on alert: Protests break out in Germany and Ireland amid anger at Brussels regulations A vegetarian Pagan-spiritual sort who loves Cetaceans, cats, history, warbirds and the paranormal amongst other things. Pro Brexit and opinionated!!
greatlakesforex London, England @l_lucullus @askeamonn @TIMGOLDFINCH @nspec2a @mindedmusically @jbhearn @Lars9596 @AsselbergsSimon @shuma0963 @Gforse1 @janineyve @FawkeEU @takeitwithsalt @mike_sandifer @mostcertainty @purpleline @Gravity_v20 @BlackwaterRive2 @Ellis_Greenwood @GrubStreetJorno @StewartButton @Locke_Wiggins @chilbaric @WyeLea @helgy2 @TGRWorzel @tinmantc @DavidAutruche @RussPurdie @RalphMusgrave @SublimeNikita @DMcWilliams_UK @iq69fund @I_dont_know_but @DilipShah_ @Mikethefilm1 @ian_jones64 @hyppi737 @JoeBlob20 @KillianConnolly @AlanEngland4 @GaryShieldssage @Colin00007 @soclose2me @owsi1968 @wiki_ballot @Survation @financialeyes @DominicFrisby @truemagic68 Saw a story earlier re-Varadkar has been slapped for saying he will phase out and block new Petrol/Diesel vehicles from 2030. Brussels told him its against EU law. Think Ireland going to get rather upset with the EU sooner or later. Bringing awareness and technology to an increasingly intricate Forex market. Clarity. Depth. Liquidity.
HRHDuchesskate Reports circulating in Irish media outlets suggesting the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will pay a two-day visit to Dublin and Cork in March. Following the life and style of the Duchess of Cambridge.
Hugh_White_Bray @NialFinegan @JohnCleese Exactly. Their Head of State is head of Anglican church which is their official religion. Leave Dev and McQuaid outta 21st century Ireland. Unification will happen
MAX_crazystorm Tonight there will be a widespread frost Inland away from extreme coastal areas. Temperatures will widely be -2c to 1c with some fog patches locally , but warmer along western Scotland and Ireland where it’s expected to be first free as there will be more cloud. I will do weather updates and weather graphics all year round from snow watches to rain watches and other updates. I love thunderstorms and snow.
wahinya_bizz @The_Karanja Unfortunately hana option when it comes to Ozil coz no team is stupid enough to take on his wages.End of next season,contract ya Ozil Ireland and Arsenal will be free of him
berozgarKisan @nadya_kasyanova @JamesAtMLT I am not saying its dangerous as in hurt/bitterness amongst two supporting governing units. Whats dangerous is that just after Brexit, if scotland & England part ways this disunion will take English economy down. Scotland and northern Ireland will rejoin EU, they will flourish. donkey to my core
HaddenhamJohn Haddenham, UK @RaoulRuparel In a lot of cases ‘getting ready’ will mean preparing to leave the UK for Ireland, Netherlands and all points south, east and west Son of Cornwall. Marketing consultant, acoustic folk/blues guitar player. 2 children, 3 grandchildren. Lover of the great outdoors and Everton FC.
brianmlucey TCD and North Kildare @markmcan @pmdfoster @sajidjavid @Foodanddrinkfed You are welcome, and will find Ireland a good place to base your business finance professor, proud father, angry taxpayer, bad gardener. Everything personal. RT not endorsement
JohnJHayes2 Dublin City, Ireland @WeeMissBea I've often watched antique show and wonder why British people have a different outlook on money value. You will see someone with an item that's worth 5000 pounds. The person will think it's a life changing amount. Here in Ireland we think that wouldn't cover a good sesh
gougle_lads Ireland @LauraJKehoe @autofac @LeoVaradkar @MichealMartinTD @EamonRyan @RTEClimateWatch @rte Good idea. The Green Party will lose it for being unable to explain the degree of global warming that will be ameliorated by Ireland zeroing it's emissions or why citizens in different countries with diverse economies and different cultures should have the same carbon footprint. First explain how much global warming you want Ireland to ameliorate, then, what its going to cost, thanks.
nadya_kasyanova @JamesAtMLT Boris hates Scotland and Northern Ireland when it comes to it. He'd get rid of us if he could but he wants our resources. Not just the oil and the gas and all the fishing grounds, or the gold we have - pretty soon wars will be fought over fresh water - something we have in plenty From Arbat District in Moscow, on Ulistta Novyy Arbat before Glasgow. Work in London. I like girls. I like shorts. I love girls in shorts.
DavidTaormia ..The Earl rises once every seven years on May Day, and rides around the Curragh on his steed. When his horse's shoes are worn down to the thickness of a cat's ear, he will lead his army against the English, drive them out, and reign as king of Ireland for 40 years." There's too many passwords.
AndrewRemainEU Lincoln (UK) @Kilsally @DavidHenigUK Whilst not being familiar with that case, I’m pretty certain there are“people”in Ireland that couldn’t give two hoots about it and a “border’s a border” will be what they see. Did you have any experience of “the troubles”? Being unsure of what might happen going shopping for eg🤷‍♂️ Supporter of democracy and above all, common sense, and if you consider Corbyn a competent leader, I don’t, just so you know🤷‍♂️
SockyVaradkar Sock department Will the plebs just cop on, that video was a masterpiece, to touch base with our voter base, your all fickle. Love the chase, if you voted in another party only to turn on them! Big bunch of moaners! Cop on and vote @FineGael #Ireland #GeneralElection2020 Leader of fine Gael, party which loves to rob the millennials, love fitness, What crisis? Less money you've more you can spend. PARODY
andyS_64 Little England Have to say I never thought I’d hear the prospect of a united Ireland being openly discussed as a real possibility in my lifetime. The downside is Wales and Scotland will likely follow suit leaving just a spite-fuelled craphole Little England. That’s why we have an #8YearPlan Party agnostic lefty eco atheist, proud EU citizen... In a functioning democracy it’s OK to change your mind. Sadly we don’t have a functioning democracy. .lll.
SFussiner @offgridteacher @FundforTeachers I was a Fellow in 2017 (Ireland). If you pay close attention to the rubric in your essay answers and show how the trip will be meaningful to your classroom, you will get the grant. They are a wonderful organization. Director of Creative Writing, ACES Educational Center for the Arts. Host of “Songs + Stories.” Storyteller, Playwright, FFT Fellow. Big fan of Irish Noir.
22Q11_Ireland Ireland @whodoesntdope @MarkLee09642069 @annmaroc @dubste86 @BTYSTE Gender pay differentials are very much a reality, gender imbalance in very many areas/levels is a reality. All in all gender inequality is alive and well - that's not social science theory it's very much a reality. Tackled earlier it will reap benefits Irish parent-led voluntary group raising awareness of 22q11.2 deletion syndrome #raredisease Working toward integrated care for 22qDS. Tweets by AnneL
KCL_CGS King's College London Join us on Wednesday for an Engelsberg Applied History Seminar on 'Applying insights from the UK-Ireland split in 1921 to Post-Brexit UK-EU relations.' Panellists will include Dr. Bill Kissane (LSE) and Prof. Mary Daly (Univ. College Dublin). Bringing deep historical and strategic thinking back to statecraft and diplomacy. Tweets/Retweets are not endorsements.
PhilM1666 @RaoulRuparel By same token it’s obvious there will be shed loads of custom checks on island of Ireland and between Northern Ireland and UK cause Johnson said there wouldn’t be. EdTech
otuathail Dublin City, Ireland @docmait @gpbuddy As is said further down - Don’t get me wrong, Brexit is hugely important, and will clearly have a massive impact on the island of Ireland, but it is not what voters want to talk about. It’s not an issue on the doorsteps and it’s not one that will sway opinion in #GE2020 General Practitioner. Past HSE Lead NCHD in GP. MSc @RCSI_il. Fighting to save General Practice from extinction. Views my own 🤷‍♂️

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