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Anthony66249174 Dublin City, Ireland @mickmac12345 @irishexaminer Obviously you don't understand the rules of the sm that everybody has to follow including Germany and France. They are also not boss, again the rules are for everyone and under no circumstances will Ireland be leaving the sm or the EU for anyone!
eleanorgoodman London @Bassmansam09 @Will__Ireland I’ve never used that, but I have seen a few doctors in my time. Got a list of tips from a blog post I never wrote, if you want them. Distraction is the key. Try not to acknowledge it, and if you do, just try to relax and don’t associate it with fear. Deputy Editor at @MetalHammer. Founder @JournalismLDN. Contributor to @ProgMagazineUK. Ex-Kerrang! and Bizarre. Opinions mine.
eleanorgoodman London @Will__Ireland I empathise! At least summer isn’t quite as bad for tinnitus - lots of fans/air con/open windows and ambient noise! Deputy Editor at @MetalHammer. Founder @JournalismLDN. Contributor to @ProgMagazineUK. Ex-Kerrang! and Bizarre. Opinions mine.
Furrymurkin SW France @panmisthropist @flumps263 @jojojoheeley @Marisol04326417 @Lollybumps @Fionna6669 @lovenodeal @Tonybirte @ashman06 @mac_puck @milmolaman @ChrissieValent1 @Lava_Louisa @Nigel_Farage @brexitparty_uk @SteveKBannon When will Ireland break even then? You obviously have the figures to hand. With the likes of Serbia, Montenegro, Albania and Macedonia joining the club, who will make up the shortfall when the UK leaves? Love Europe, hate EU. 1 Wife, 2 Daughters, 1 Dog, 2 Houses, 1 Gite, 1 Car. A bit of a layabout , would like a Maserati and Arsenal to win something.
stanleymwc All over Dublin and Longford on #LoveIsland and now Clare on when will Ireland gets its own version like First Dates, Gogglebox, and DWTS? I know how you feel; I just don't care.
This_Feeling in the zone .@HandsOffGretel storm @ClassicRockMag top 50 rock albums of 2019 with “a distorted, pulsating popsicletail of power pop, grunge and punky hints” catch ‘em @ynotfestival & on tour now 📸 @Will__Ireland 👁
MurreyJudith @sinnfeinireland @QuinlivanTD What about the child sex trafficked immigrants coming into Ireland, you know the innocent children being taken there against their will. Ireland a hotbed for HUMAN TRAFFICKING. Ask Gerry Adams he mingled with Hollywood and the Global Elite at the Clinton Global Initiative. A Fighter who never gives up no matter what obstacles the World throws at me.
mcconaha_kevin Tennessee, USA @DailyCaller I wonder where bill & Hillary will go 2 avoid prosecution? Hillary seen n Ireland recently, the most corrupt country n Europe. Will Ireland protect the Clintons or will they end up held up n an embassy somewhere? Interesting thought! You know bill and Hillary r thinking! 𝕱𝖎𝖌𝖍𝖙𝖎𝖓𝖌 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝖑𝖎𝖇𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖑 𝖎𝖓𝖘𝖆𝖓𝖎𝖙𝖞! #𝖒𝖆𝖌𝖆 #𝖐𝖆𝖌 𝕻𝖗𝖔𝖙𝖊𝖈𝖙𝖎𝖓𝖌 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝕮𝖔𝖓𝖘𝖙𝖎𝖙𝖚𝖙𝖎𝖔𝖓 𝖆𝖘 𝖜𝖗𝖎𝖙𝖙𝖊𝖓 🇺🇸
Caro50886110 Ireland Operation Sophia will probably be shelved in the next few months and replaced with a credible alternative. Will Ireland be in a position to participate? @GCraughwell ? Here for factual news and research on Human rights and Geopolitics. Personal account.
mindedmusically London, England @JonattonY @Davidmetroland @ChristinaNCarr1 @ElaineKirk @JTillx @thegrimbarian @YorkshireLady3 @cathyby @JohnShepperds @JohnRya13591294 @Ciolfilicious1 @CharlieHicks90 @David_Vaporium @julianlewis77 @MattGeeSymonds @NielsOckelmann @brianbloop @dw2essex @SGTVance @Miguelsapimp @The_Leaver @lisamariahoenig @twvasi @f505eb72b9cd493 @bloo40 @crazyiguana10 @g123i1l @Sir_Tommy_ @CharithRuckmal @El_Chele85 @ecmagenda @Macid3000 @VeuveK @sunick51 @Kitchy2016 @AnimousUK @BrexitGone @Andywilds1 @LesterS65508129 @IanGianni @geor97 @BrunoTheBridge @ThatAndreCamara @duggan_paul @viv_cooper @FairyP0ckmother @itsafrogslife @dwcwinter @BlackwaterRive2 @Charlie_uk45 I know and we have had this for longer than the other EU countries .... they find out as will Ireland...
Luke4811 Dublin They really are both inept and corrupt ! Will Ireland please wake up ! Socialist, Repeal Activist, Reclaim the Iveagh Markets Campaigner, Housing activist and will not pay for water twice
MollyScarlett17 @BrexitCentral and we say Up Yours! You will pay the price and so will Ireland for going along with this......
RoseRedPro London, England Interview shoot with @anathemamusic for progmagazine back in 2017 🎸🎤 _ #GlamByMe #GroomingByMe for band members Lee, Vincent and Danny _ 📸 @Will__Ireland _ #Interview #MagazineShoot #Indie #TheOptimist… Professional Hair and Makeup Artist #RoseRedrupArtistry
RoseRedPro London, England #TBT to working with #Anathema for progmagazine 🎸🎤 _ #GlamByMe #GroomingByMe for band members Lee, Vincent and Danny _ 📸 @Will__Ireland _ #ProgRock #ProgMagazine #KScope #SnapperMusic #RoseRedrupArtistry… Professional Hair and Makeup Artist #RoseRedrupArtistry
MMcminty Devon (i.e. the 1950s) @kirstym011 @DeckiePoo @OxfordDiplomat Yeah it will. Ireland has similar landscapes, beaches, roads and weather to Devon, but the people are nicer and the country is in the EU, and in recent decades they've actually moved on from the 1950s that you apparently yearn for. You can buy my house from me, if you like. The only Remainer in my village. Proudest achievement: Intermediate Level dog obedience certificate.
liamgallagher I’m delighted to announce tickets are on sale for my UK AND IRELAND tour and the one and only slowthai will be main support. Why Me? Why Not. LGx ROCK N ROLL STAR
metoffice Exeter Good morning! Sunny spells, especially in the south. Heavy showers likely across southeast Scotland and northeast England, and to a lesser extent, eastern England. Northern Scotland and Northern Ireland will be cloudier with some light rain. Latest ^Sophie Official UK Met Office account for weather, climate, news & jobs. Any questions? Just ask! Here 24/7/365 Stay #WeatherAware follow @metofficeUK for warnings. 🌦️
SocDems Ireland Deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Noel Whelan. His activism, generosity, talent and personality will be deeply missed by all of us in public life striving for a more compassionate and fairer Ireland. @RoisinShortall @CathMurphyTD Welcome to the Social Democrats - a new force for change in Irish Society. Our Values: Equality. Democracy. Sustainability. Progress #SocDems
SamuelJohnsnon Ireland @jediknight1985 @unlaoised Brexiters would lose their crap if any Irish politician reciprocated the disrespect. It takes discipline but the Irish have outplayed them and caused them to demonstrate their character and the need for the backstop. Soon Ireland will have a veto on a UK trade deal.
gnfree_gf Dublin, Ireland Tomorrow I am leaving Ireland - Going to work in Italy doing research on lakes. Very happy but I will miss the Irish lakes like beautiful Lough Inchiquin in Clare (near and far away pictures! @CopernicusEU ). Freshwater ecology, Earth observation and Catchment management. 225.
FuflunsPW Oxford @LouisHenwood Alan Mendoza read History at Cambridge but talks dangerously offensive nonsense about Ireland and about the EU. Why can’t @BBCPolitics invite an expert instead of this nitwit who runs his own Neocon stinktank? The Brexiters will reignite the Troubles if they go on like this. Wine, whiskers, words and current affairs. pro-EU, campaigning for #ExitfromBrexit #StopBrexit #LibDems #FBPE #CatsAgainstBrexit
ralphpicken London, and the world And Ireland is part of the EU so it will stick its fingers up all of this man’s orifices.... Citizen of the world; anti Brexit. Retired solicitor who loves travel, food, wine and the arts; tweets what other people would like to say; usual disclaimers
daedric_dan There will NEVER be a place for the orange in Ireland. Never. Any of you who think there will eventually be peace between The Green and the orange on this land are deluded fools. The orange hate you. Get rid of the orange. It's not 'gold' and it never was. The divide is permanent Militant-minded Nationalist. Sees a divided world. Them and me/us. Intolerant of the other side. Capitulate or die. Ireland's mine! You'll get out if I say so.
ElenaForEurope @Jude_KD @VirgEvans @FalklandsGov I fear that if brexiteers don't care about losing Scotland and Northern Ireland, they will care even less about the Falklands... Italian-British-EU citizen. Passionate environmentalist and even more passionate anti-brexit activist.
irishathletics Ireland @sportstravelint will be in attendance at the Irish Runner 10 Mile this Saturday July 13th. Make sure to pop by learn and all about "Ireland's Running Travel Experts". 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️ ➡️ This is the official Athletics Ireland twitter keeping you up to date on your sport
BernardJKD London, England @semusmurphy @league_ireland It's a ruthless game for a striker who can't score and Aaron will surely know that. Shamrock Rovers FC, Association Football, Inverness Caley Thistle FC, Irish Cricket, Rugby League, Speedway, Netball. Dr Who waffle. ME patient.
Muinchille @EuropeanRover @seandanaher5 @Conservatives Marches do not work. Explanations do not work. No second referendum will appear. Only power works. That is Ireland's experience over 30 years of the Troubles, and I have seen nothing to contradict it in Brexit. Irish finance, economics & Brexit. RT's may be ironic, satirical or just plain astonished.
CommanderMP Andrew Neil @afneil will be interviewing Boris tonight. 😁 I will listen carefully to the responses regarding Northern Ireland and unionism to see how much Boris knows about us here in Ulster. 🇬🇧 Ulster Unionist Party - Ards and North Down
ifcpf International Lots at stake tonight for Ireland and USA, who will make it to the quarterfinals? For USA a draw is enough, Ireland have to win with at least 4 goals difference. Watch the match LIVE: #IFCPFWorldCup @FAIreland @ussoccer_PNT International Federation of Cerebral Palsy (CP) Football #ifcpf - Worldwide governing body for the Para sport of #CPFootball (#Football7)
MurphsAnna UK @CambridgEcon101 I agree, Scottish Independence is pretty much a certainty in the next ten years and a united Ireland will follow. Be more curious than cautious.
Kmccw53Kathleen Kildare, Ireland @Muinchille I was annoyed at this because it seems people listen to this when it suits their agenda. It’s disrespectful, arrogant and misleading. If the worst happens, i hope Ireland will be to blame. Sick of trying to be rational. I don’t really 😊
mark1967_mark @3doorsdown When are you coming back to the UK???? Will fly east Coast of America in 2020 if u play there?? Not bad as live in Ireland. Dublin is calling you and the Guinness is amazing Home and away Arsenal supporter and the odd European away game. Cricket fan who attends Test and ODIs. Enjoys rock music and attending gigs. Love Arsenal..COYG!
ifcpf International Just a win might not be enough for Iran, they will have to score big against Finland to see them through to the quarterfinals. Dependent on the result between Ireland and USA, this is exciting! #IFCPFWorldCup @iran_paralympic @fincpmj International Federation of Cerebral Palsy (CP) Football #ifcpf - Worldwide governing body for the Para sport of #CPFootball (#Football7)
LiveaMemory Toledo, OH @DoroLef @always5star @suziday123 @obligatraveler @taltywrites @carpediemeire @RoadtripC @RoarLoudTravel @Abfabtravels @winetraveleats Thank You - We Will Have a Great Time! And We Can’t Wait to Share Wonderful New #Memories From #Scotland and #Ireland With Everyone! #Travel #TravelTribe #VisitScotland @VisitScotland @TourismIreland To Have a #Memory, You Have to #Live It First. Inspiring You to #See, #Do, #Explore, #Learn, #Share, Have #Fun & #LiveaMemory! #Memories #Travel #Vacation
UKWX_ United Kingdom A wonderful and sunny end to the day to come for many, however more cloud across Northern Ireland stretching towards Wales and a convergence zone from Scotland to East Anglia, which is producing scattered heavy showers, will limit sunshine in places. Weather enthusiasts bringing daily UK weather updates! Extreme weather will receive the most coverage. Feel free to ask for a local forecast. Owner: @JamesWx_
ChrisKe79582563 Budapest @DPhinnemore @BrigidLaffan He means drop the backstop. He thinks bribery and threats will work with Dublin getting Ireland to concede to its ex-colonial master. He ignores power relations have changed, Ireland is stronger as an EU Member, supported by the EU, than a wannabe Third Country. Remain means Remain! Leading the Fight for Hard Remain in the EU.
jaa_edit English person in Dublin. Don't mention Brexit. (I did once but I think I got away with it) I continue to find it fascinating/ depressing that Ireland appears to have a much greater idea of the issues that no-deal Brexit will cause than the UK. They’re certainly taking it a lot more seriously. And keeping people informed. Animation Editor. Have worked at Aardman, Blue Zoo, others. Trained @ NFTS.
JenT_Irl @Rosecurtis888 There are people in Zambia who are lucky to be working with Laura and no doubt even luckier children in Ireland will benefit from her experiences there. She’s an inspiration!👏👏 eMental Health Clinical Manager/ Occupational Therapist. All views my own.
ZAdamsGreen Roma, Italia / Aspe, España The UK faces decades of economic decline due to #Brexit. And Brits unable to find a job "at home" will no longer have the option of easily moving to an EU27 country to work. Citizens' Rights Officer and newsletter editor for @BremainInSpain. Chartered Linguist (German). EU citizen 🇪🇺
echoesdalkey Dublin, Ireland DELIGHTED to say these two superstars will be reading from Maeve's work as part of #echoesdalkey 2019. See our full programme featuring some of Ireland's most loved writers and talkers at EARLY BIRD TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW. @clelia_murphy @DeirdreOKane1 Echoes celebrates the work of Maeve Binchy & other renowned Irish writers. Taking place from 4th - 6th October 2019 at Dalkey Castle and Heritage Centre.
OfficialSCrosby Montreal, Canada "I know Florida will not be the same temperature as Northern Ireland," he said with a smile. "I'm not going to be practicing with any sweaters at home, but it will be nice to get to Portrush and get with it again." 27 years young | CPGA Tour Member 🇨🇦⛳🏌| Live Under Par🏌| PCHS Class of 2010 🎓 | Xbox jorddigiovanni 👤🎮 | Proud Neapolitan 💪🇮🇹
SEBTS ÜT: 35.893971,-78.546637 Along with the Sing! concert, Kristyn will host a Children's Worship Workshop. During this 1 hour interactive time children will get to learn about some Irish instruments, as well as hear about Kristyn's experiences growing up in Ireland. #iamgoing Southeastern Seminary exists to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ by equipping students to serve the church and fulfill the Great Commission.
Mick_Sterbs @DarranMarshall Dear @alanmendoza. Ireland would love to do a deal with you. Give us back the six counties and take the DUP and relocate them somewhere in Kent. Then we will drop our demand for a backstop. Otherwise bugger off and stop embarrassing yourself making threats #perfidiusalbion
tidypints Limerick, Ireland if yall dont come and support my boys ghost at the 3arena on november 20th at 6pm so they come back to Ireland and i can marry cardinal copia, i will be snapping he/him/his. ghoulboy and metalhead. stab city's finest. the gordon ramsey of ready meals.
ComradeOpposum Flash fact: Ireland will be united and free and there's nothing the Brits and their rancid Queen can do about it. Death to imperialism
FiendishPenguin Truro, England @LHour152 @Linley75 @SkyNews @GregClarkMP Great well I’m sure so long as your one business does well, the UK economy will be fine, Christ your business must be bigger than Amazon! I’m telling you that on the whole businesses won’t be fine. My studies aren’t cherry picked, even gov studies agree such as ours and Ireland
READY2MIX @GarethThomasMP be great in Northern Ireland if it's cheaper to buy goods Southern Irelanders will be shopping in Sainsburys and Tesco's across the border, especially when we lower the Vat rate because we won't be sending elements of VAT to the European Union like Rep of Ireland will be #brexit Most comments I make are definitely & defiantly shared by others, I make them as me and no organisation controls my opinions or what I say.
Thomasgordon01 Lives in Surrey UK. @politicshome @PolhomeEditor And presumably he thinks Ireland will thrive.
TillTheEndOfEt1 Huddersfield, England @DarranMarshall Thick as pigcrap. It isn't Ireland that is objecting to no backstop, it is the EU and they have good reason to. If we deregulate farming like many brexcrapters want then our crap will get free access to the EU unchecked. Truly moronic idea from a moron.
peterschluter1 @Reuters The loyalists have only themselves to blame. They had a chance to back TM’s deal and they refused. Result will be a united Ireland.

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