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CanIAskWhy1 All joking aside about how ridiculous #Liveline is as a programme and I need a few pills after listening to it to pick myself up, 4 Ibuprofen does wonders, when will Ireland ever grow up and become a nation because we ca not get anything right. Everything in #Ireland is extortion An account dedicated to asking the so many questions that often cross my mind and I anticipate cross other people's minds.
Condogalonian Wales @watsoncomedian Jedward are mooted for Taoiseach in ROI and First Minister in NI. Only then will Ireland be conjoined Ad sinistram. From Belfast, now living in N Wales. Irish trad musician in my ever-diminishing spare time. #FBPE
harryaslam Ireland, Scotland Will Ireland celebrate its COVID response as a success as long as it is “less bad” than the UK? Why not level up to be like New Zealand? There mightn’t ever be a vaccine and other pandemics might follow so why don’t we raise our game instead of aiming low! Revealing thread here: FASHION & TEXTILE INDUSTRY / DESIGN / SUSTAINABILITY @aslamcoltd ... (also protecting pollinators and supporting beekeepers! 💐 🐝 🍯 )
jimmy34426555 When will Ireland and Scotland reclaim their Celtic tongues? Adult human male, that hates mythical ideologies. I was once a man trapped inside of a woman's body...but then my mother birthed me.
LiamCaffrey Galway @tconnellyRTE @RTENewsNow Will Ireland have sufficient ro-ro capacity in place to mitigate the risks after 2020. Just cut the land bridge out where possible and reorganise supply chains around a 40 sea transit instead of 20 hours. Are there any studies on such an approach? Data(base), spatial, tech, food, soc, pol, and any other interesting, fun stuff.
noteworthy_ie Ireland Will Ireland learn from the #Covid19 pandemic? We want to talk to experts and find out if they feel more preparation will be done for future emergencies or will daily fire-fighting resume once the health service reopens normal operations. Find out more: A crowdfunded investigative journalism platform from @thejournal_ie. We explore the stories that matter to you. What are they? Let us know:
DeirdreMalone9 Dublin, Ireland His sacrifice and leadership has saved thousands of lives. How will Ireland honour @CMOIreland ? Legal Manager @PILAIreland at @FLACIreland;former Exec Dir of @IPRT, mother of one, recovering barrister. she/her also curates Clonskeagh Community @clonskeagh_
Irishboxingcom Dublin, Ireland How many more will Ireland qualify and who else will make it? Ireland's longest serving boxing website. For 19 years we have been keeping people up to date on all things Irish boxing. Contact
weare360ie Dublin, Ireland How will Ireland's response to #COVID19 impact the next 6 months and beyond for the healthcare system? #360FullCircle @danpender1 @tweetsnolimits 360 is an intelligent communications agency. We help clients build communications cultures and strategies using expert insights and hard data.
ShaneFein32 Wexford, Ireland “The republic stands for truth and honour. For all that is noblest in our race. By truth and honour, principle and sacrifice alone will Ireland be free.”-Liam Mellows 18 | Provisional Socialist Republican | Wexford, Republic of | Sinn Féin | Ógra | Maynooth, Politics and History | Irish Unity
SafeHavenIsrael Judea, SW of Jerusalem, Israel @TheSarahR__ @BobGorovoi @Oscar_R_Geeho @CaolanPMcAleese Where do you want the Jews to go, those who survive the Genocide, after Israel is replaced by Palestine? True some will be enslaved, some will be forcibly converted to Islam! Will Ireland take the survivng Jews? Free Palestine is code for wipe out Israel and you know it. Zionist & Jewish Living in the only democracy in the M.E. Believer in Minority Rights, Freedoms 100% against Terror, Jihad, Racism. Anti-Zionism=Anti-Semetism
johnlambe5 warwickshire,uk @Bart47234384 @featherytravels Keep an eye on the different rules between England and Wales as they have independent policy , as will Ireland ( obviously). Engineer,Science fan, likes cycling & outdoors. occasional philospher. ( Not defined by politics, nor craft beer).
englandcricket The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) has today announced that Hampshire’s The Ageas Bowl and Lancashire’s Emirates Old Trafford will host England Men’s international matches behind closed doors later this summer against Ireland and Pakistan. We Are England Cricket. The official home of all of the England Cricket teams on Twitter.
HSELive Ireland If you arrive in Ireland from any other country you will need to: ➡️fill in a form called the Public Health Passenger Locator Form ➡️self-isolate for 14 days Find out more about travel and #coronavirus here: Your official guide to what's happening in the health services. Not monitored 24/7. In an emergency dial 999. Twitter policy #HoldFirm🌈
DiscoverIreland Dublin From emo horses in Kerry and deer squads in the Phoenix Park, to cows guarding a castle in Louth and sunbathing along the Causeway Coast, the animals of Ireland are just hanging out as usual and will be right here #WhenWeTravelAgain. #FillYourHeartWithIreland 🐴🐂🐮🦌 Stick with us for photos, stories and videos to help you plan your holiday to the island of Ireland – let us know if you #LoveIreland!
JohnBayliss5 Weston-super-Mare, UK @brejoineu With the rise of nationalist movements in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland it's inevitable that one or more of those countries will leave the UK eventually. Brexit, however, has very much speeded up the process. Novelist, photographer, all-round good guy. Prefers co-operation and not competition with Europe. No tools are left in this account overnight. #FBPE
katemitchell77 @StenaLineUKIE Hi, now that the rules around holiday travel have been relaxed in both England and Northern Ireland, please confirm that you will accept non-essential passengers on Liverpool-Belfast route.
EndCulturalWar UK @Bu_Co84 @FrankoSerpico Or the Irish language for that matter? You might have missed the fact that we have a devolved Assembly in Northern Ireland and can allocate our own funds. When we are no longer paying billions in membership fees the Barnet formula will ensure that that money is paid. And more.
GrahameEdwards1 Hiding in plain sight @Jonathan_MBanks Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will be more than fine without English Nationalists Imagine being so irreversibly thick, you voted for a Brexit you didn't, and still don't, understand or can explain, and then topped it all by voting Johnson in.
IrishLabourRX We have proposed the FIRST BUSINESS BILL! This bill will finally open Ireland for business and give you the ability to help the economy by registering a company. The bill is expected to be voted on soon. Ireland must come first. And that's on periodt. Not affiliated with real life.
KilclooneyJohn Armagh City, United Kingdom @Chamomi69835623 @AlexKane221b If Devolution collapses at Stormont NI is immediately part of the U.K. governed by Direct Rule from Westminster. Immediately the RoI and the large United Ireland electorate in NI will campaign against Direct Rule and my experience of English Politicians is ‘they will give in!’ Former Cabinet Minister in NI Government; former MEP; and former MP at Westminster
HenryTanguy England and sometimes Virginia @BrigidLaffan UK even hinting at bullying Ireland will only 1) deepen distrust in talks w/ EU, already severe, and 2) involve US, ever more likely to eject Trump, which won't hesitate to turn screws on UK, a popular move in US politics & as exemplary msg in int'l politics, as in Suez 1956. Grumpy old lawyer; prosaic with too many history books and not enough literature
word_bat @1984Mathew @JuanckersGhost @afneil The Atlantic will fill up and flood Ireland! 😲 #scumMedia #historyisego #defundtheBBC #stopHS2 #author #Brexitisdone #everythingispropaganda #deportFBPE #ALM #Reddetufaciseaquia Retweets/likes ≠ endorsements
WWCDA1 The #WWCDA Ireland Chapter is hosting a live webinar tomorrow that will feature Frances McLeod, Founding Partner, @ForensicRisk and Megan Prendergast Millard, Senior Managing Director, Financial & Regulatory Compliance Services, @GuidepostGlobal. Women's White Collar Defense Association coalition of women attorneys & professionals with relevant expertise who specialize in white collar criminal defense.
Hema_ByrnesArmy Sunderland, UK Bringing this back because it's been a year since Croke Park weekend. I will never get over these crowd shots. It looked like every man, woman and child in Ireland attended these shows. Forever proud of my four angels! #Westlife @NickyByrne @ShaneFilan @MarkusFeehily @KianEganWL am i nicky byrne's biggest fan or is he mine? the world will never know ✨
Richard_Asquith London @AnnaJerzewska Any idea how the UK land bridge will work? Special arrangements for goods moving between Ireland and EU via U.K. ports and roads? I work at global tax tech company, Avalara, and get to spread fiscal chatter here.
bsdnazz @BrigidLaffan Many Brexiters constantly forget that most EU member states are small and that the EU will, in part because of that, look after all the small member states including Ireland.
Cat_A_Chresis Most likely in the corner, slowly rocking to-and-fro, questioning my life choices. @bizzycoy Very cool! Will you be concentrating on any particular area/region of Ireland and/or Northern Ireland? I've been there several times and have quite a bit of family there that I'm close to, so DM me if you think I can help in any way. I follow AP style for my day job, but can often be found in the warm embrace of the Oxford comma at night. Does that qualify me as a complex character?
REDACTE04117182 So for anybody wondering Jason's full name is jason gerard Thornton I will not expose his address but all I will say is he lives in county names londonderry in northern ireland I plan on reaching out to his police department and getting him registered as a child sex offender Stan twitter can suck my dick 🤑 dont talk crap about me and not @ me
jpbsmythgmailc1 @StephenNolan Northern Ireland will never be successful in securing much needed outside investors in industry and development which would greatly create good and highly paid jobs if our MPs at Stormound set aside important issues to deal with their own childish sectarian views and issues
StephenMccahon @StephenNolan Will all respect to you and your team. When you repeatedly bring the blow hard Jamie Bryson on to attack the Catholic community, then you have lost all credibility. Nothing would please him more than for N Ireland to go back to the dark days of the troubles.
popstarsmam_mc @CNN Well said wear a mask. I'm in Ireland at this time and we had no deaths yesterday 11 cases and today no deaths and 4 cases. Fingers crossed it will stay that way now pubs and restaurants are open. We have done all that was asked of us and we are doing well. Well done Ireland Dog lover, Mother to 5 amazing children,and .1 wonderful husband for 47 years .🇱🇷 🇮🇪 Retiered to my 200 year-old home. I'm in Ireland at the moment
SunRacing 👑 What did you make of the Derby and Oaks on Saturday? Up to scratch? “His official rating will be published in Ireland, but my initial figure is 120 which is 2lbs above Anthony Van Dyck last year.” Giving the Power to the Punter — All the latest news, views, tips & racing gossip
dholland422 Everywhere @subwus @jonnybhoyabides @LeaveHQ @thedsggroup Who could have possibly seen this happening. I wonder how long Scotland and Northern Ireland will be a part of the UK. I blog about global politics, economics, aviation, African development and occasionally pop culture. For the past couple of years almost exclusively Brexit.
CorksRedFM Cork Ireland LISTEN BACK: An Taoiseach Micheál Martin talks to @NeilRedFM after his first week in office including the Barry Cowen, drink driving controversy and how Ireland will continue to adapt to life in the Covid-19 pandemic. No 1 Radio station in Cork | Home to Breakfast with Ray Foley | Neil Prendeville | Philip Bourke | Dave Mac | Izzy | Kilian | Music | News | Sport | Stevie G
paulgre37184992 Unite Ireland now.. and in 3 generations time....people of all faiths will wonder why we spent so many years fighting Continue with an artificial gerrymandered statlet and Ireland will never be at peace.. An Ireland for everyone
UKWX_ United Kingdom A spell of rain is coming yet again through tomorrow and Thursday. This moving into Ireland early tomorrow morning and will slowly move across the central swathe of the UK. This general area of rain will persist up until Thursday, bringing grim weather on Weds in the south A weather enthusiast providing daily and reliable UK weather updates. Any extreme weather will receive the most coverage with special products being issued.
duzBme Dublin @irishhistory 30 Sept 2008 Ireland, guaranteeing 440 billion euros of liabilities at six Irish-owned institutions and a foreign-owned bank. Generations to come directly affected and Ireland will never ever be able to clear this debt. #JailTheBanksters #NotOurDebt Be curious, be sceptical, ask the HARD QUESTIONS. Sometimes the official version is the truth. But sometimes it's NOT. #TCOIMH #FreeAssange #OnlyOneUnited
marmaduke54 Where there are trees, birds a @KeithMillsD7 Keith we know what happen and as with all inquires it will amount to Nada. Impunity reigns supreme in Ireland. Irish by birth but wondering what I did to deserve Irish politics. innovations and inventions in all things and 100% tuned to the universe and its awesome power
janbartspang Mallow, Ireland @EV_Blobby @KateFantom @GroupeRenaultEV It's very infrastructure dependent. In Ireland with mostly 50kW chargers and a few Ionity chargers along the way you save 30 minutes over 500 miles, depending on where you go. You will not notice that after 11+ hours of driving a few times a year while on holiday. Dutch Renault Zoe owner living in North Cork, Ireland! Video blogging #MyElectricJourney! All opinions, etc are my own..
PhilH23 London, England @mrdanmurdoch Suery the west coasts of Scotland and Ireland will suffer as a result? TV News Producer. Posts are mine or the ramblings of a madman.Retweets endorse nothing except ideas....
lee1062 Manchester Pathetic. If you trace my ancestry as a white male I will probably have a family tree that never really went further than Ireland. So the UK is my ancestry and it’s a white one. Every black person has an ancestry that starts in another part of the world. Leave mine alone! All views expressed on Twitter are my own.
standupdouble Dublin, Ireland Ireland could emulate New Zealand and eliminate #COVID19 fully, if there was the political will. It would mean an all Island approach, restriction of travel and quarantine for arrivals at designated hotels. Won’t happen, but would be worth it for everyone, especially schooling. Runner & sports fan (A's,Leeds,Rovers,Dubs for starters). Bushy Dublin parkrun Event Director.
BeattieProf @DrZeroCraic Well it sure will hit Ireland after de weekend and atrocious behaviour at restaurants but really, Some, acting in guise of restaurants Bloody hell,, Only de Irish could behave in such a loutish manner
MediumPaceDobb1 England, United Kingdom England confirm ODIs v Ireland and series v Pakistan. Lots of cricket in July/August. 2 of the T20s v Pakistan will shown on the BBC, the first live cricket on terrestrial TV since 2005 #Cricket An open forum to discuss all things cricket. All opinions welcome. An abuse free zone. Let's talk about the greatest game in the world 🏏
gerardmccloske3 @CarliBoi21 @PoliticsOpinio3 @Keir_Starmer Sinn Fein is not a Terrorist organisation , it is the biggest party in the south of Ireland and has massive support in the north also and we all want our country back and it will come soon
0163Richard England. @JulieLgemini We're not risking a holiday this summer, so, for me the cricket will be a huge bonus. West Indies, Ireland and Pakistan sounds like a really good English cricket season. Thank you, Julie. Only real talent - does a passable Norman Wisdom. "They're stealing our milk again, Mr Grimsdale."
splinterking @vintageredss They're both talented lads, but the way they arsed Ireland about puts a question mark over their mindsets. They were, they were, they will, they didn't. And it took forever to get to the place their agents had decided all along. Attention seeking gobcrapes don't win many medals. Whisp horserer, half-stepper
tips_legends if we get our wish and snooker can be played all over the Uk from the 15th then you'll need to get your orders in for the table and q sanitisers NOW as i cannot guarantee we will have it at short notice. Order from in uk, direct from us in Ireland. The Snooker and Pool tip that everyone is talking about. Your cue tips how you like it, no compromise. Legends Cuesports Products.
Johnnydoe891 @LuLynzi Yeah I promised myself, when I opened my eyes I would do it with her, the other 2 missed out was blind back then😂 I always let her know she will be free, be it by my hand or hers she will see a free Ireland and live in peace ❤️🇮🇪 Ireland for the IRISH #IRISHPRIDE🇮🇪 I WILL STAND TALL AND DEFEND MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS FOR THIS IS OUR IRELAND 🇮🇪

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