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TheGeeMan007 @dizzidi67 @Grado779 The EU will Ireland to saturation point as Ireland has a small population this will a massive affect on the people and the country. And it won’t be for best either Urban spaceman
RoseappleIsland born in Hollyweird @AmyMek @rac80 When will Ireland WAKE UP?? and go Brexit? An inconceivable number of thousands of kotis of Æons, never to be measured.... America's Cosmic Mission #MAGA
cavi_j1 @JoeConn35495079 will Ireland survive these globalist corrupt traitors. is there any sign of Ireland waking up !!!! history will show these corrupted anti Irish traitors for what they are. is this what our forefathers fought and died for 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
BoyleSports Ireland "Diarmuid Connolly will be All-Ireland Final replay hero!" - Former Tyrone player Brian McGuigan gives his predictions and player assessments for Dublin v Kerry. ⬇️ #DUBvKER #AllIrelandFinal #GAA Stick with @BoyleSports for tips & more from the world of sports #betting! 18+ only. Gamble responsibly. Instagram: Boylesports
VincentMcCann4 Kildare, Ireland @CiaranCuffe Uk, US , Canada have all identified this tech as an essential future driver of climate change. Will Ireland jump on board? Intetesting business model paper here, it woild be worth keeping an eye on thr results when they emerge. Sharing any science or news that makes people healthier. ONE WORLD - ONE PEOPLE
BoyleSports Ireland "Diarmuid Connolly will be All-Ireland Final replay hero!" - Former Tyrone player Brian McGuigan gives his predictions and player assessments for Dublin v Kerry on Saturday. ⬇️ #DUBvKER #AllIrelandFinal #GAA Stick with @BoyleSports for tips & more from the world of sports #betting! 18+ only. Gamble responsibly. Instagram: Boylesports
BoyleSports Ireland "Diarmuid Connolly will be All-Ireland Final replay hero!" - Former Tyrone player Brian McGuigan gives his predictions and player assessments for Dublin v Kerry on Saturday. ⬇️ #GAA #AllIrelandFinal #DUBvKER Stick with @BoyleSports for tips & more from the world of sports #betting! 18+ only. Gamble responsibly. Instagram: Boylesports
over_the_thrill @CarolineHutt @Richmond11111 @theousherwood @LBC Nope, just putting my version of a previously given analogy. Also it wasn't me who said if we have a drug shortage so will Ireland and that will in some way make it acceptable.
T_Roberts2019 County Down, NI @paulrey99 @daizeeeez Standards being limited to agrifood and SPS would be acceptable, as the island of Ireland already has biosecurity controls to protect agriculture, plants and livestock from disease being brought in from abroad. The question is, will Ireland and the EU accept it... Politics and current affairs. Pro Brexit, Northern Ireland unionist. Democracy, equality, free speech, 'small c' conservative, Arsenal FC #BritishIndependence
DD2705 Peoples republic of Cork @CallumTheReds @BobbyMcDonagh1 Really the report came from you’re own government. Then you idiots like Evan’s and Barclay saying if the UK are running short so will Ireland. Another moronic statement to go along with Patel’s threat to Starve the Irish to make them see sense. Bobby was right in what he said Family are my life.I like hurling,Cork/Carrigaline Gaa,crossfit, Munster rugby, MUFC,Current affairs. McGuire Grad #specialneeds #22q #stuttering #rebelsabú
_SeasonTicket Dublin City, Ireland "Round Table". New conversational regular we are bringing to TST. First up: How long will Ireland last in Japan, the Welsh win, Joe's squad and more....🏉🇮🇪👇👇 Ireland's emerging long-form sports publication. No click-bait, no nonsense. Just good journalism.
BoyleSports Ireland "Diarmuid Connolly will be All-Ireland Final replay hero!" - Former Tyrone player Brian McGuigan gives his predictions and player assessments for Dublin v Kerry on Saturday. ⬇️ #DUBvKER #AllIrelandFinal #GAA Stick with @BoyleSports for tips & more from the world of sports #betting! 18+ only. Gamble responsibly. Instagram: Boylesports
Aminah7767 Never forget the Potato Blight... this is a sticky issue. Will Ireland stay in the EU, go for its own Brexit and what of Northern Ireland? Our Foundation and Birth Rite of Sovereign Self Governance is in our Declaration of Independence, upon which our United States Constitution was built. #MAGA
WeeDogWalker Home. @JP_Biz @BBCevex When Britain imports no complaint America Chicken and Beef, Who will Ireland differentiate between Irish/British meat and Chlorinated, Hormone injected Beef??
thisismidas Dublin City, Ireland Sea levels are rising in Dubin Bay and across Ireland. What impact will this have on our country? Our new @rte doc airing 11th November focuses on the influences #climatechange will have on Ireland and asks the big question, "Will Ireland Survive 2050?" TV Production company based in Dublin, Ireland.
QuodVectis U.k. gov won’t install hard border , leave WTO and i guarantee eu won’t install one either ... Will ireland ? NO ...’s all a load of BS Grumpy ridiculous piece of humanity in deep crap usually, Brexitier🇬🇧, Aspergers spectrum =Not nero typical ...offence optional ,Brexit 👍🇬🇧
shoutinghorse England, United Kingdom @BrexitBetrayed I take it the author doesn't know much of the history between the two nations? No way will Ireland even consider it and no way should we either. What Ireland should do is leave the EU, like us. Maybe join the commonwealth. 'Their voices were even and low. Their eyes were level and straight. There was neither sign nor show When the Saxon began to hate' (FBPE is a cult, blocked)
natalieharrower DUB from YYZ This is a terrible loss to the area, to arts and food culture, to small business and creativity, and to Dublin in general. Not all development is good - when will Ireland figure that out? After massive bust #2? Director of @dri_ireland. EC #FAIRdata expert group, #EOSCFAIR WG. #OpenScience #digipres #digital #culturalheritage, education, tech, arts, social justice.
malc_hill Hertfordshire England @grv_pt @cibriddon @Mohamed72446306 @BBCPolitics Most of the cash advanced to Greece ended up saving German and French banks not the Greeks. Here is a recent snapshot of how the Greeks view Brussels. They have lost about 20 years about the same as Italy how many will Ireland lose if there is a no deal Retired UK CEO founder of VW Financial Services.Rtd Director of Finance & Leasing Association. Director of Lloyds Bank Joint Ventures. Magistrates 13yrs now Rtd
MishGEA Crystal Lake, IL Please be serious. Germany will get crushed for many reasons and so will Ireland
MishGEA Crystal Lake, IL @solveid please be serious. Germany will get crushed and so will Ireland
CliffordHalle12 Whangarei New Zealand @Missdebas7 @IrishRugby @RoryBest2 Will Ireland beat All Blacks and Springboks in Quarter Final? 26, fun to be around with
mryddin786 Cheshire West @colmanareilly @orgogg @IsabelOakeshott @BorisJohnson Try and keep up Article 50 made it law Besides nothing to do with you Leo is your problem The eu’s lapdog who will be dropped like a stone when he’s of no further use as will Ireland #FBPE is a club for clowns Detests whinging Remainers Very Anti eu Likewise cult of Corbyn Likes watching Rugby Point to Point Eventing Polo and all dogs
WalleyVision London, Dun Laoghaire, Carrick @jasonomahony @PatLeahyIT @Bentonra Does Kilburn get included in a united Ireland? Do we get to blame you for Arlene Foster after unification? Will Ireland end up with three soccer teams (a unified one that no-one wants to play for and the other two)? All my own nonsense when talking UK & Ireland, cycling, art and politics! The media tech stuff is under @nwalley & architecture tech under @ChimniWalley
rationalist44 Earth @Koefnielsen @LiamHalligan @BorisJohnson @LeoVaradkar So what will Ireland use in the case of no deal exit ? There will be no backstop then. No border either. Those "arrangements" will by definition be (a) "Alternatives" and (b) acceptable [grudglingly] to the EU Design Engineer, Businessperson, Manufacturer, Exporter, Startup Founder, Rationalist, Optimist
LindaFahyJordan Kildare, Ireland @r0fficial @HornbeamH @rtenews @tconnellyRTE @mercosur No deal= UK tariffs on beef and most Irish beef is sold to the UK. If you go it alone who will Ireland sell beef to? Right now farmers make a small return on beef but are also in receipt of EU payments. What solutions would you propose? Tell me anyway--Maybe I can find the truth by comparing the lies
skydavidblevins If I ever write a book on how to report Northern Ireland, the first chapter will be: Northern Ireland is not “the province”. Ulster is the province and it straddles the (currently) invisible border. #PetHate Senior Ireland Correspondent, Sky News.
sinnfeinireland Ireland Solutions for Ireland will never be found in the circus of Westminster. To Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael - if you think differently, end your century long boycott of the north, stand for election on a go-to-Westminster ticket and see how that goes. #SFAwayDay2019 Irish republican party dedicated to the reunification of Ireland and the building of a new republic based on the principles of freedom, justice and equality.
hallmarkchannel Ireland awaits! 🇮🇪 Pack your bags #Hallmarkies because we’re heading off on an Irish adventure with @merrittpattrsn and @jackoturner! Tune in TONIGHT at 9pm/8c for the premiere of #ForeverInMyHeart! Will you be tweeting with us? Hallmark Channel: The Heart of TV - Sweepstakes/Giveaway Rules:
LEMMINGINVESTOR Manchester, England @EU_Commission I'm sure countries made to vote until the EU accept the verdict of it's people in France, Denmark, Ireland and Greece will testify you EU version of democracy. Especially while little Hitler, @guyverhofstadt is promoting the EU empire project to a nation wanting out. Survived 30+ years investing in micro and small caps. I've either been lucky or exceptionally lucky to be still in the game. Man United, Mason, Christian
Nicllan Cymru Rydd @MopsarUs @Finlandistation @EuropeElects Who says? The UK said the same about Malta, Ireland and India and a whole host of other territories that became independent. Will it be a walk in the park? No. Will it be the End if Days? No. Some perspective is needed. Cymro #IndyCymru #IndyWales
ask_charmed Suicide hotline numbers 📞 United Kingdom 🇬🇧 116 123 United States 🇺🇸 1-800-273-8255 Canada 🇨🇦 1 800 456 4566 Ireland 🇮🇪 116 123 Philippines 🇵🇭 2919 Australia 🇦🇺 131 114 (@depressionnote) Will you take 0.1 second to Retweet and maybe save a life? #SuicidePrevention (Alyssa 💬 1x❤️ 1x Holly 1x❤️) #TeamHolyssa Goal:10 000 followers! NO CHARMED REBOOT
AndyParkhill Northern Ireland A big Hi to all my new followers. Just to point out, I rarely tweet about Northern Ireland politics, and you will generally only see tweets about trade unions and technology here 👍👍 Software developer, eejit, husband & dad. UCU member & in the vanguard of the proletariat ✊✊ Also a craven transactionalist apparently 👍
Pound4Poundie Ireland @Aldi_Ireland @AldiUK @AldiUSA @conor_pope @ConsumerReports @ConsumrRightsUK @CCPCIreland @NewstalkFM Hi Steph, Beth, Raheem, could you possibly review my message of 7 days ago? As you will note, I can't get information from a receipt which I have lost. The #Aldi product are Crane walking shoes purchased in Gorey sometime between 1pm and 4pm on 1 July #mondaythoughts #r4today Fighting obesity and poverty one pound at a time. We do FOLLOW BACK 👍
byrnem19 And @Aedhmar will be joining @PRII_ie in Dublin for #PRIIConf19 book now on prii. Ie. Pass it on @PRCA_Ireland @ibec_irl @DubCham @IoICIreland CEO PRII and PRCA. Opinions mine. Retweets not an endorsement #girlyswot
LeeToland1 Ireland are going to take in Mass amounts of migrants, some of which will just sponge off our vulnerable Government. Let's face it, this ridiculous plan Varadkar and Coveney have is just FF 2.0 They will plough on spending. FF tried to spend their way out of trouble. Didn't work! 23 Follow Politics strongly and support Trump. Anything Manchester United also ⚽ Future Taoiseach!
BuzzmanUk London @bishbashhosh @DavidBall14 @sarahakyol @Ann06957684 @LBC @ianpaynesport No we love NATO and the UN, it’s the EU who want to get rid as they will have their own army and won’t want to pay into NATO as most aren’t paying their way as it is. They are starting on financial it will move to everything Hardcore DJ since 94 on Dream FM & now producer/remixer with tunes released on Futureworld Records & FutureCore, and on sundays 8-10pm
spsinghweb INDIA @amandafclark @the90s_kid @anshumansingh75 @_mwaseem_ Yes but be positive. But i think main concern in future for UK (if brexit happens) then next big thing will be Scotland referendum and Ireland border issue(because they want to stay with EU) Indigo child
Dreusch1947gma2 @KTHopkins @JamesDelingpole Get out of the EU! Ireland is at stake! What has happened to you people? You are being invaded without your permission. The EU will strangle your country into compliance and subjugation. Learn about Agenda 21! There is more to life than money.
Ronald_1959 Nottingham, England @Milesy019 @PocketR81095743 Brexit has always been a terrible idea, its origins are greed and xenophobia, there is nothing good that will come of it. Look how devisive and destructive it's been already; it will damage the economy, possibly break up the UK & threaten peace in Ireland. THERE IS NO UPSIDE. Brexit is a disaster. #ResistingHate #StopTommy #RevokeA50 #Remain🇪🇺
scottylad2 Musselburgh @KTHopkins I'm sure Ireland and the thousands of families throughout that country who have relatives in every part of the world will be tolerant The contry has supplied the labour that's transformed places all over the world and all over the UK know that people only migrate for a reason Views expressed via Twitter are entirely personal and in no way relate to my work. Slowly discovering how much I love Photography,Excel Geek to boot
Joeconwaydublin Dublin, Ireland @987_charles @labradoodle12 @HarrietSergeant @MailOnline If you care go read their annual report and inform yourself you would see that they are transparent about this. It’s vital work that needs to be done - like the work of the volunteers around the coasts of Britain and Ireland. I applaud them and will increase my donation. Jack of all trades, Master of none! ....Yet!!
sublimate888 Greenock, Scotland @bears_back Time is rapidly approaching where there will be a United Irelsnd and an independent Scotland No Partitioned country has ever endured demographic and political change Ireland is no exception. How will Scotland deal with the influx of Ulster folk flooding our schools & housing ? Flaneur, urbanist, lover of good journalism and literature, news addict, walker, proud European, Americanist,Radio listener
JAC40554852 @KTHopkins how Does the Few force the many into submission!!! Ireland needs to Stand and Fight!!! The USA is sick of it and Sad to see Europe forced into it also!! No where else then the Western Countries Forced again the will into given up Their way of Life and Culture!!😡🤬😡🤬
Alex4Craig_Dudd @CllrTimHodgson @markruskell I think there’s less support for one, though I admire people like you working to change that. Even if Brexit is averted, and I hope with all my heart it is, it will be difficult to ignore that England and Wales almost dragged Scotland and N. Ireland into disaster. Scottish Green Party. Councillor for Craigentinny&Duddingston ward. He/Him.
Lucy45218143 @KTHopkins And the Irish women will be raped daily. Way to go Ireland.
Billy79657405 SOUTH @VMaledew @KTHopkins I visit Ireland as often as I can, I love the country and the people. They were against all the Romanians flooding the country and taking the jobs and reducing the wages. They accept EU control so they must accept what the EU has in store for them. They will be the dumping ground Far right, racist, homophobic, islamophobic, claustrophobic bigot, (only one is true), and more since I voted to leave the EU. #TheBrexitParty subscriber.
thenationalisto @Filmandwriting @hermannkelly @DeptJusticeIRL @CharlieFlanagan We have the right when we know we will be paying for them out of our tax and they will do nothing but subtract from Ireland... why should we pay for people that have mainly negative consequences economic and social. We have the right to say no you bin lid
Grumpyxx1 @AndyEdwardsR14C @USAmbUK @RoyalAirForce @IOM_UK @theJeremyVine In 1940 the terms England, Britain, the United Kingdom and "the Empire" were more or less synonymous--so don't be a dork. The song say "There'll always be an England"--not there will always be a region called the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland plus various autonomous areas. Permanently annoyed person.
MAX_crazystorm winds will be a little breezy on Friday but there will be a warm strong southerly breeze on Saturday with winds of 15-30mph. Sunday: rain moving in across Ireland and western Scotland and England but dry across the south east England with temperature in the low twenties.... I do weather updates and weather graphics for the united kingdom

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